Sunday, January 12, 2014

If at first you fall...

If at first you fall, then try and try again. Apparently these words of wisdom are a call to persevere against the odds, to look forward to a future achievement, to prove that practice makes perfect.

I like cycling. I don't love it but it's fairly enjoyable and makes for some epic story telling. However, bicycles don't seem to like me very much (yes I personify inanimate objects including attributing them with malicious or mischievous intent) and I have the lacerations to prove it.

Prior to this evening, my last major accident was captured here which resulted in my face getting smashed in like this. But not to worry, thanks to divine TLC and papaya, I've since gone back to looking like any other nondescript Chinese.

After a not-quite-marathon laksa session with Ryl, I had been determined to complete 100 laps of cycling in my lorong. 3 laps in, I thought to throw in road hand signals and before I knew it, I had skinned my left knee and elbow. Oh well.

Will wait for the wounds to dry up then what is there to do but try and try again.

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