Sunday, April 15, 2012

No words left

This fucked up world is mine alone
I won't stand for your sticks and stones
You don't know how things turn or steer
You wanted to get out of here.

I laid it all down before
Yet you all shoved me through that door
Now don't you dare turn round and glare
Point that finger another way.

What's done is done and no regrets
But you never thought of consequence
You never cared that I was fine
You thought my friends were a waste of time

Why should I listen to what you say
When you don't know my night from day
When all you want is what you see
And all that means nothing to me. 

Maybe I should just stay clear
Move out, leave and disappear
Cut all ties, don't call, don't try
Just stop the truth, just stop the lies.

I just don't give a damn no more
Whatever, just shove me through that door
I know the blame will come again
Forgetting is alas in vain.