Friday, March 09, 2012

Mulled mood

I know for certain I was in "a mood" tonight but wasn't quite sure which. To find out how my inner soul fared tonight I did a random music/movie assessment on myself at The Spring.

On the way there: Pink Martini's 1997 album Sympathique was curiously very apt although I couldn't figure out why. It was nevertheless a good start.

Cinema: Having had to sit through both Ghost Rider 2 and This Means War the last 2 weeks (both ghastly), nothing in the movies (neither The Lomax nor John Carter) appealed to me so I made my way down to the shops. Maybe shopping would flush out my hidden mood swing.

Sasa: All the black eyeliners that claim to be "absolute black" or "blackest black" or "black black" all failed to meet my kind of black. I left under a black cloud.

Speedy: Spent a considerable amount of time browsing and dismissing Alexandra Burke (what is she famous for again?) Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Taylor Hicks (Taylor who?). I considered The Rasmus but ended up with The Killers. I thought maybe I was on track to suss out my mood when "Love Happens" namely Aaron Eckhart caught my eye. Shit. Silly effect of rom-com puts my swing in the opposite direction from gothic make-up and angst-ridden music.

Further browsing and purchasing in Watson's and Nike also failed to help uncover the source of my sweet and sour mood.

I go to bed comfuzzled.Combuffled. Discombobulated.