Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clocking out

Last day at office today. After India I'll be seated in a new chair in a new office in another building.

How do I feel?


The important things are still important. They remain important regardless of city, state or country. Regardless of health, wealth and social acceptance. Regardless of the people I am surrounded by, the policies I am bound to and the weather I find myself in.

The flaws still need to be corrected. Character is not erased with each change in life, neither can it be surgically improved or mechanically inserted according to whim and fancy. Your flaws don't determine your character. Your past does not define your present. Your past however does affect your present and your character now is because of who you were. It does not mean it is irreparable or that the loss you sense has happened is irretrievable. It means simply that you are who you are and will continue to become who you will be because of decisions you made in the past and of decisions you are now making in the present.

So really, not much has changed at all.

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