Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blessings in disguise

Have you ever received chain emails that say God will bless you if you pass the message on to X number of people in X number of minutes? Or that bad things will happen if you don't?

It is an interesting observation that perhaps only the most staunch atheist would ignore such a message or people with no credit on their phones, like me. Why is it that God plays such a trivial, unimportant, unglorified and ignored role in our lives until such a time as when His divine finger might send something good our way?

We unfortunately live in a culture distorted with the idea of blessings and curses. Wealth, health and a BMW means you're blessed; anything otherwise means you're not so. To many, wealth, health and a Mercedes-Benz SLR or Alfa Romeo Spider is the epitome of blessing because thereafter, there is nothingness, or at best an inkling of something yet to be revealed.

Not that I wouldn't mind an Audi R8 or an Aston Martin DBS V12 but my God was not born into a detached house with a swimming pool and multimillionaires for parents. His parents did not allegedly section of a full hospital wing with security guards to await his impending birth. He had no Fisher-Price pre-school educational play mat. I don't know what grades he got at school. I don't know how many times he caught the sniffles or if he had gastric problems. I don't know if he ever felt fat.

What I do know is that the most important thing he ever did for me was to be utterly humiliated. To be kicked like a dog whose skin was already scalded. To be beaten black and blue and have barbed wire ripped into his back. Probably had his teeth bashed out. Had people mock his frailty or his race or his parents; maybe telling him to "take it like a man." To be laid limp and semi-spread eagle and bared for the world to gloat. Dare I say it, had his balls on display for people to roll their eyes at.

How is that in any way a blessing? How can it be anything but a curse? Would anyone watching at the hill pass on the message; "Hey Jesus is now being crucified, pass this on to 10 people if you love them and want to see them blessed."

The one and only thing that we should seek is the urgency of being rescued from a future of untold horror. A future which belongs to the human race. Which every person will naturally inherit. You can't blame default inheritance. It is yours whether you want it or not, whether you realize it exists or try to argue it away with stunted intellect. There is a reason why people have an inherent distaste for Hell. To get out of quite literally, the inheritance from Hell, one has to get out from the family tree of Doom.

Being rescued by the Cross and Resurrection is not like winning the lottery. It is not an uncertainty that fingers-crossed, might happen. It is not a numbers game. It is not determined by whether you purchase the lottery ticket because the price has been paid in full. It is not determined by how good you are. It is not even really decided by you, but that's another story.

The best blessing God has given us is that rescue. To that there are only 2 responses; accepting the blessing or rejecting it. There is no middle ground. No "I used to be..." or "I was thinking about it" disclaimers which will help if the world ended now. God doesn't threaten; He just says it as it is and if the only blessing worth receiving is rejected, no amount of forwarded chain email (not even if you forwarded it to everyone in your email list) will be enough to prevent the inevitable and ultimate curse.

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