Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not my time

It is taking too long
And yet not time yet
Not much more now
Still a good way yet
Same old story
Different faces
Same old pain
Different spaces
Never changing
Always wishing
Only dreams
Pushing through
Forcing boundaries
Facing paths
Forging means
Tumble, fall
Bruised and small
Rage, unrest
Why give my best?

Because though it may seem foolish
Though it may look untrue
Though the world may laugh and scorn
As they did at you
Not that life is perfect
Nor that it'll ever be
Not that dreams uncovered
Will fulfill my destiny
Not that hope, forgiveness
Will satisfy my soul
Nor that giving everything
Will dry the tears that fall 
Not that I am the centre
Of any worth at all
Not that I understand
Or even comprehend
But because you have so giveth
It's not longer I that liveth

The mess and the mire
The deeds burned in fire
The judgment call will sound
That despite my weakness 
I may be found

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