Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Un-Day

Feeling totally emo and snappy and sulky and bla bla bla. Going to wallop a box of chocolates if I can get my hands on one and smear my insides with chocolate until my arteries clog. Feeling Un-Chrismassy, Un-Motivated, Un-Coherent (I am NOT incoherent; just feeling UN). Saying things I don't mean and meaning things I don't say. My mind is going to explode. I need a happy pill. Just want to sleep. When I wake up life won't suck less but sleep will at least trick me into feeling that it doesn't suck more. Unless I get cabin fever. Stupid happy-clappy American song is playing on air. People who are THAT carefree are the serious psychos; not me. I'm normal.

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