Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Piping a tune

The Pied Piper of Hamelin we all know full well
The yellow gold and crimson tail
The merry tune he calls out sweet
Makes feet-a-dancing to the beat.

Drowning the rodents that fed on the brie,
The townsfolk turned rotten and kept the money,
Very angry did the Pied Piper get
When they drumed him out of town, he turned round and said,

"Though the piper may pipe any tune that he may,
what worth will it have, if no one will pay?
Though the pipe may sing from dawn til dusk,
only a coin in the hat will prove the fuss.
Indeed, he who pays the piper may call out any tune
And the piper will oblige in a twinkle, none too soon."

The people refused, they did not hear
They did not care and they did not fear
They drank and were carefree, until came a time
When music was heard and then something absurd.

History is farce when it calls again
But now it was tragedy though they stop it in vain
The apples of eyes and pleasures of heart
All took off like mice, some singing, some run,
All under disguise, all blinded by one
Who stood at the helm
Decked in blood and the sun.

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