Monday, August 01, 2011

Not such an emo day

It sits and eats a crumb in hand,
In hand, in paw a morsel to gnaw,
To gnaw, to chew, the raspberry hue,
The colour red popping as all jam tarts do. *Licks lips*

It sits and grins a smile like Cheddar,
Cheddar, or better! Pudding bread and butter,
Oh butter! Oh dream! Oh sink in sweet cream,
How ever could dairy be evil or mean? *Grin*

It sits and twitches, its whiskers unfurled,
Unfurled, unwound, release most profound,
Profound, and wondrous, until so immersed;
The taste of Cadbury; it can't be a curse!! *Dibbledy-dribbledy*

It sits and stares, with wild eye despair,
Despair, and crazed, a wantonnish haze,
Haze and slur, the food starts to blur,
Involuntary ripples runs right through its fur. Brrrr....

Oh food, oh man, oh one of the same,
The same they are, delightful by far,
So far, so near, so timeless, so dear,
That one may relish while the other may fear. Yum yum.

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