Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cave exploration

Caved in and got a Fujitsu laptop. Goodbye Acer. Didn't even name it and getting emotional. Have never been an Apple person and not gonna start now even if they have this to-die-for Bookbook case. But practicality trumps fashion although Louboutin will disagree and I think Apple has too many software applications which aren't available/ compatible and techno and time aren't exactly my best friends.

Caved in and bought a dress at Hills. I keep saying I won't go shopping. I might as well say I'll stop breathing. Mum bought some nice grey-blue patterned cloth and asked if I wanted to make a dress out of it. Already I mentally match a not-even-there-yet-dress with light blue Heatwave wedges. Which means I need a spangly silver cardy to match. Bad.

Caved in and got a Twiiter account. See previous post.

Caved in and spent 15 bucks trying to win a 2-inch wide angry bird worth a dollar fifty. So says Lid. It's now hanging on my rearview mirror. For someone who doesn't care for birds, am getting quite attached to it.

Caved in on Weds night and had pizza.........................

Damn you self-control! The plight of those inflicted with Dionysian madness.

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