Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turning tables

ASSUMING what reports is accurate, then a glimmer of hope shines through for UMNO following Khairy Jamaluddin's call for the police to 'fess up. His motives may be questioned left, right and centre, may lack creativity and maybe those in real seats of power will dismiss it as an insignificant "say-for-the-sake-of-saying" incident but at least it shows that people in UMNO can say SOMETHING not completely flabbergasting to normal ears. Read here.

On the other hand, PKR Sarawak just seems to be hopping on the Bersih bandwagon, See Chee How even going so far as to say that we should wear yellow every Saturday until reforms are met. Ummm... no thanks. I also think Bersih "roadshows" is a mockery of what Bersih actually stands for, glamming up a public frustration to look like a political tool akin to commercialising the Rainforest Music Fest. Urban Sarawakians don't need to take to the streets; we will when the ocassion calls for it but we don't need to. We don't thrive on conflict. We don't fling babies out with the bathwater. We don't even (usually) honk when the car in front stops at a traffic light for over 10 seconds whereas in KL just 3 ticks might get you a thrashing. In fact we wonder if the driver has cramped his/her leg or empathize if the vehicle is old or if you're like me, sometimes wonder if the driver has suddenly died. Read article here.

In another article, I guess I'm not the only one who thinks Bersih could have been renamed a "hibiscus revolution." Naturally I would NEVER think that they took the name from my entry just because I posted first hehe. My entry dated July 9 made reference to the "bunga raya" (Malay for hibiscus, our national flower) and freemalaysia reference here. Just another note, in the article, Najib mentioned that he could get 1 million UMNO members to overthrow KL. China has 1 billion. Might be worth noting, if you ignore logistics since I'm not pendatang and all...

And saving the best on the Rally for last, here you can read how my good old chum Rais Yatim is blaming foreign media for "sensationalising" the Bersih rally when it was... say who?? ...who retracted his promise of a stadium where supporters could congregate, called for a virtual lockdown of Kuala Lumpur prior to the rally, who stationed police, water cannons and tear gas around tourist spots, who blocked access to shopping malls, halted economy (so it was the government who stopped people from spending that day and not Bersih, as our tourism minister Ng Yen Yen, who like me can't count, would have you believe) and then made himself scarce.

Rais also said that local media (under the control of Government) had correctly portrayed the event whereas local internet (not under the control of Government - sense a theme?) had not. The only thing he said which made sense and which I agree with was to caution people against Anwar's claims that we were nearing a revolution. Anwar has certainly made this claim too many times. I certainly don't think we are, because I mean c'mon, at heart we are 1Malaysia, aren't we or did Rais not receive the memo?

And by the way the same court that would have metted out the heaviest Government influenced deterrence-excused punishment on Anwar for THAT sex scandal video pinched the wrists of the real perpetrators (one of whom even swore on the Q'uran!!!!!) with a combined total of RM5,500 - that's (takes out calculator) RM1,833.33 each!!!!! [insert expletive] and our wonderful Attorney General is not going to appeal the sentence when he could have called for 3 years in custodial sentencing. So no jail time for perjury. For WASTING taxpayers' money by bringing a fake case to court. For draining resources when Idris Jala has said we're gonna go Bankrupt in 2018 and as a result oil and food prices have gone up.

The other thing that irks me is Malaysian politicians love of using religion to deflect their corruption. Does no one feels like swearing on the Q'uran is worth anything anymore? Where are the Fundamentalists now? Why is UMNO not chastising him for LYING on the Q'uran in PUBLIC??????????? Why am I, a non-Muslim, upset when I don't read or hear Imams or Ustazz or Hajis standing up and saying, "Hey this is wrong. You're misusing our Holy Book. You're blaspheming Allah by swearing lies on his name." Why has there been no undercurrent of anger against those who show contempt for their own god whom they try to propagate and institutionalize and yet when Ibrahim Ali opens his trap in the name of Islam you try justify his blatant and robust stupidity? You want an Islamic state, at least voice out like you believe in the good of it. At least voice out like you believe your god has been wronged.

Someone else with a much clearer head has said this about the whole joke. I agree with the writer in that now we have legal precedent to say that if I produce and promote a pornographic film in Malaysia, earn hundreds of thousands because of it and commit perjury to cover my ass,  the Court will only slap me with a RM1,833.33 fine and Parliament will want to screen my production.

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