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The reason for Chrome

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I am wearing yellow today. That I'm wearing it on this auspicious day may not mean much in another country (except maybe Thailand) but today, the 9th of July 2011, in this amazing, totally radical and forward-looking country of Malaysia, wearing the colour yellow is tantamount to approving of or supporting the cause of the Bersih 2.0 (bersih is Malay for clean) rally against corruption particularly electoral reform which is often seen as riddled with bribery, dirty tactics and good old obstinance to appoint better leaders. It has also be stupidly declared illegal and an offence to wear yellow today which has absolutely no basis whatsoever. Maybe if faced by police, I'll just streak.

The colour or what it stands for has been so despised by the powers that be that according to Free Malaysia Today, 644 people as at 2pm local time have been arrested at Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) and 91 people blacklisted from entering the Federal Territory. To be fair, among the 91 black listed, includes my all time favourite, the chavanist, sexist, xenophobe, Jabba the Hut look-a-like, Ibrahim Ali who famously opined that a wife is to blame for her husband's adultery, even using Islam to back his claim, arguing that a wife is expected to “drop whatever she is doing to please the husband’s (sexual) desire.” Even at this outrageous comment, our PM says nothing to publically admonish this [insert expletive times a thousand] and yet he goes all out to prove he still has balls when the people want more than just salt and rice. Am I angry? Damn right I am.

Frankly, yellow is the worst colour I can possibly wear as it clashes with my skin tone making me look more washed out that I can afford to. It would be a timely reminder to authorities on the rampage for a canary-clad scapegoat that yellow is not only the colour that represents this rally but is also the colour that represents our Royal Family and to reminisce the recent state elections, SUPP. I wonder what would happen if our Sultan decided he would quite like to wear his favourite golden songket today or if George Chan (George who?) decided to nostalgically wear his SUPP party tee to the market. It would appear that in chasing alleged culprits, some have forgotten to wipe the mustard off their own faces, leaving a trail of yolk for the spectator citizen to groan at, pulling faces worthy of lemon suckers.

I am not wearing yellow because I support Bersih. I am however, wearing the sun-kissed (I wish) colour in defiance of the shenanigans entered into by the government, police and whoever else in the run-up to the rally. The Bersih rally was not something I had interest in (at the moment, neither Government nor opposition has my vote as that dratted pothole on the way to work has yet to be fixed) however, our beloved Government (led by the wonderful non-sinkable PM)'s superb class act in handling the situation blows diplomacy right out of the amonia waste that leaves a stench in the foggy air.

Briefly, the rally was supposed to be held in various places in the city centre. Further to talks with the PM and Monarch, it was decided that the rally should be moved to a stadium (to avoid PM's buddies worrying if their investments are safe pending a Bunga Raya (or Allamanda, given the colour) revolution I suppose). Oh, by the way, the Bersih organisation was also branded illegal. Maybe we're seen as terrorists in which case, you can be sure which crowd our government will willingly negotiate with. No sooner does Bersih agree to move to a stadium, suddenly all major stadiums within easy distance have something going on be it an impromptu concert or renovation works. A venue in Shah Alam was suggested but having a rally that far away would deny it the impact it seek whilst the Cabinet wonders which second-hand multi-billion toy it should buy next. Today, the venue having been chosen [the venue being the streets since the PM retracted his promise], people are being sprayed with tear gas and water canons for standing up to an ideology they believe in. In addition people are being arrested with no proper charge other than being a threat to national security. What an excellent reason not to come into work on Monday morning.

I do not know exactly the measures and mode taken by Bersih and so cannot condone or rebuke it but what I do is that everytime our cabinet opens their collective mouth, all I hear is noise, lies and arrogance tinged with the panic-stricken realization that hit those who live in darkness; thieves trying to hoarde as much for their old age, to fund their diamond encrusted Tenna diapers before the walls come tumbling down.

This is why today, I wear yellow.

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