Friday, July 15, 2011

Putting the arse in sparse

The headline of Malaysia Encourages More People To Become English Teachers runs foul of reality when we hear that fully qualified English speaking, English teaching locals are being bypassed for "native speakers" paid 6 times more with a red carpet thrown in. Despite The Star's efforts to try educate the masses with fancy idioms and terminology, our Ministers (or is it just the one?) have obviously found themselves confused by the difference between "Native English" with "Native English speaker." Nationality can by no means determine one's fluency. There are Caucasians who speak better Mandarin than I do and by the same token, Malaysians who speak better English than Australians. An aquiline, roman nose, blue eyes and golden curls ala McDonald's curly fries do not language proficiency make but then again our Government's logic has always aimed to baffle. By the way, for all intents and purposes, I am a native English speaker. To try prove otherwise would fall into the same debate as creation science.

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