Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Inspector General of Police Ismail Omar had this to say about the recent Bersih rally:-

"In our attempts to disperse the crowds, the protesters pulled back and started moving towards Stadium Merdeka. However, we managed to foil all attempts to go through our barricades, which were very well managed,” he said.

Malaysia Today further reports:-

Ismail said the protesters had tried to plough through police barricades, forcing his personnel to fire tear gas and their water cannons. However, he stressed that these were done “minimally.

Well managed? Minimal? As much as we may depend on them in the event war does break out over "Was it tear gas or wasn't it?" these are hardly words one can use to describe the Malaysian armed forces.

Reminiscing the eve of the Sarawak elections, I remembered SWAT like police fully armed bracing themselves for the crows that flooded Stutong. I remember them pushing their way throught the crowds to arrest a speaker for no good reason. I remember that no one in the crowd ambushed them or dragged them down even though they were outnumbered thousands to one. I remember because I was there. I remember because the police were so close that we were probably inhaling each other's oxygen.

The authorities have a way of making us look like hooligans and yet the duit kopi joke stems from their own cowardice and lack of morals. From their boss' reluctance to weed out the rotten apples. From lack of chiding. From poor enforcement. From failed integrity.

Just found this gilarious (gila-hilarious) site: Malaysians Say the Darndest Things.

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