Thursday, July 14, 2011

The dearth of speeling

To those who sey spellling is an unessecary waste of time and that it has no place in this geograficly mobill, tekno-savey world, think again. Notwithstanding those who have real and aktual dificulties in reconising seqince of letters and who put the effort in to practice, praktise, practise, asumming that your really didnt give 2 hoots about proper speeling and considred it a truely teribble drakonian affair, hellbent on restricting freedum of expretion, if even you somehow managed to start up a coporation and needed to hyre competant staff, local or otherwise, wuld you realy antrust you're finanshial sheets, reports, marketing strategy, bizniz liasons and reputation, to sumone who spaylt like this? BBC tales me that online bizneses can lose milions in revenew due to poor spelling, a result of  too much "am i bovvered, teachur??".

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