Sunday, July 31, 2011

Google doodle

Will they let me in on this?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Now, really?

Context: Sex tape video which Anwar was not in (and I am still pointlessly waiting for some Court/Imam to bash the threesome for lying in Court/Mosque).

Source of funny comment of the day: The Star Online

Funny comment of the day: Hishammuddin, in his reply, said that Anwar had ill intentions in uttering malicious words which were later widely reported in the media and the Internet. He said the words were not published in good faith and that the main motive of Anwar was to injure his reputation as a minister and politician.

Why it is funny: Frankly, the dude ruined his own rep

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to the drawing board

Creativity in perspective; what may turn out to be a billion dollar idea could very well start off a mere copycat of art imitating life imitating art. We humans never get enough because we can never get enough of ourselves. The sad irony of creative prowess is that it never truly springs from within even though Donald Trump may have you believe so; it may manipulate what is already in the subconscious, it may repackage an old idea or rename a forgotten tradition. Despondency may hardly be a trait associated with creativity, but the brightest minds were often littered with the sugar rush of crack and insanity.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pottering around

LP detoured in her epic Asian adventure so that we could cuti-cuti Malaysia so it was only right that I flew over to give her the Tour de KL; it may appear in hindsight that in addition to showcasing the capital, I threw in a few experiences to boot; watching Harry Potter on the big screen being the last of many firsts, the list of which included going up the KL tower, going up the Malacca tower and indulging in a pushing boundaries relationship with my gut in the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park.

There is a certain morbid relief that rises as one is put totally out of control. Screaming aside, the brief time out so far has left me with more questions than answers, more puzzles than solutions, more disillusionment than focus. There are days when I am certain I am close to having a mental breakdown and others when I chide myself for secretly wanting to go down that road. There are days when getting out of bed is the hardest thing to do and yet at the risk of having people once again say that it is mere self-pity or that I have to take control of my emotions, responsibility grabs me by the scruff of the neck and slaps me into assumed normality. There are days when I am convinced I cannot be the only one who feels this way and others when I scorn at my disposition to feel that this battle is one which can only be faced alone.

Who is to say what is right or wrong when the mind is so wrapped up in doubt and warped in oppressed agitation that the only certainty is that tomorrow may be no better than today and that we are to live in spite of the same? People look in from the outside and wonder why I am the way I am; I wonder how I can live with myself. People try tell me I need help but none is actually offered and every breath to try escape feels like a choke to the throat. People say they don't understand but how can I say that everything you want me to be is everything I hate? I say that I don't give two hoots but maybe that's a lie for if I actually stopped caring I might not have to drag this guilt around.

I rage against others but to no more extent than the fury I bury myself into. The shadow of burnt bridges simply reflects the self-destruction that has already happened. And yet against all this I struggle for on occasion I see the horizon and sometimes there is a tunnel in the surf. I strive to tear up the restrictions that perhaps I have put upon myself. The desire to forget limitations beckons every day and urges me to break out of the chute even though the bull may smash my face into a pulp. That living the 2 seconds in the air before crumbling is worth more than spending seasons in the spectator's seat. I may not say everything you want me to say but how can I speak when everything I want you call it foolish. There are days when the resentment build-up forces reactions and lashing-outs I know is wrong and yet the moral compass seems to be indifferent to the wake and imprints I leave behind.

In all this hubristic resentment, that God is angry with me has never been far from my mind. Why wouldn't He be? My puny efforts for betterment are pathetic and would I that He crushed me with His fist than live another moment in mediocratic limbo. In the mounting anger against myself, maybe I am challenging Him, a challenge that He may do well to forget me and let me be done with once and for all. Yet in the midst of seeing life displaced and discarded into irreconciliable pieces, He reminds me that He is not angry and that despite my folly, I am owned though I may not know that I want to be, though I may never know what it means. That like a gut-wrenching roller-coaster, it is only when I am turned inside out and upside down that I know I am secure because He has secured.

Your blood has washed away my sin
Jesus, thank You
The Father’s wrath completely satisfied
Jesus, thank You
Once Your enemy, now seated at Your table
Jesus, thank You
~ Sovereign Grace Music; Worship God Live; Jesus Thank You

As another author put it; I write to express and not to impress.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Putting the arse in sparse

The headline of Malaysia Encourages More People To Become English Teachers runs foul of reality when we hear that fully qualified English speaking, English teaching locals are being bypassed for "native speakers" paid 6 times more with a red carpet thrown in. Despite The Star's efforts to try educate the masses with fancy idioms and terminology, our Ministers (or is it just the one?) have obviously found themselves confused by the difference between "Native English" with "Native English speaker." Nationality can by no means determine one's fluency. There are Caucasians who speak better Mandarin than I do and by the same token, Malaysians who speak better English than Australians. An aquiline, roman nose, blue eyes and golden curls ala McDonald's curly fries do not language proficiency make but then again our Government's logic has always aimed to baffle. By the way, for all intents and purposes, I am a native English speaker. To try prove otherwise would fall into the same debate as creation science.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turning tables

ASSUMING what reports is accurate, then a glimmer of hope shines through for UMNO following Khairy Jamaluddin's call for the police to 'fess up. His motives may be questioned left, right and centre, may lack creativity and maybe those in real seats of power will dismiss it as an insignificant "say-for-the-sake-of-saying" incident but at least it shows that people in UMNO can say SOMETHING not completely flabbergasting to normal ears. Read here.

On the other hand, PKR Sarawak just seems to be hopping on the Bersih bandwagon, See Chee How even going so far as to say that we should wear yellow every Saturday until reforms are met. Ummm... no thanks. I also think Bersih "roadshows" is a mockery of what Bersih actually stands for, glamming up a public frustration to look like a political tool akin to commercialising the Rainforest Music Fest. Urban Sarawakians don't need to take to the streets; we will when the ocassion calls for it but we don't need to. We don't thrive on conflict. We don't fling babies out with the bathwater. We don't even (usually) honk when the car in front stops at a traffic light for over 10 seconds whereas in KL just 3 ticks might get you a thrashing. In fact we wonder if the driver has cramped his/her leg or empathize if the vehicle is old or if you're like me, sometimes wonder if the driver has suddenly died. Read article here.

In another article, I guess I'm not the only one who thinks Bersih could have been renamed a "hibiscus revolution." Naturally I would NEVER think that they took the name from my entry just because I posted first hehe. My entry dated July 9 made reference to the "bunga raya" (Malay for hibiscus, our national flower) and freemalaysia reference here. Just another note, in the article, Najib mentioned that he could get 1 million UMNO members to overthrow KL. China has 1 billion. Might be worth noting, if you ignore logistics since I'm not pendatang and all...

And saving the best on the Rally for last, here you can read how my good old chum Rais Yatim is blaming foreign media for "sensationalising" the Bersih rally when it was... say who?? ...who retracted his promise of a stadium where supporters could congregate, called for a virtual lockdown of Kuala Lumpur prior to the rally, who stationed police, water cannons and tear gas around tourist spots, who blocked access to shopping malls, halted economy (so it was the government who stopped people from spending that day and not Bersih, as our tourism minister Ng Yen Yen, who like me can't count, would have you believe) and then made himself scarce.

Rais also said that local media (under the control of Government) had correctly portrayed the event whereas local internet (not under the control of Government - sense a theme?) had not. The only thing he said which made sense and which I agree with was to caution people against Anwar's claims that we were nearing a revolution. Anwar has certainly made this claim too many times. I certainly don't think we are, because I mean c'mon, at heart we are 1Malaysia, aren't we or did Rais not receive the memo?

And by the way the same court that would have metted out the heaviest Government influenced deterrence-excused punishment on Anwar for THAT sex scandal video pinched the wrists of the real perpetrators (one of whom even swore on the Q'uran!!!!!) with a combined total of RM5,500 - that's (takes out calculator) RM1,833.33 each!!!!! [insert expletive] and our wonderful Attorney General is not going to appeal the sentence when he could have called for 3 years in custodial sentencing. So no jail time for perjury. For WASTING taxpayers' money by bringing a fake case to court. For draining resources when Idris Jala has said we're gonna go Bankrupt in 2018 and as a result oil and food prices have gone up.

The other thing that irks me is Malaysian politicians love of using religion to deflect their corruption. Does no one feels like swearing on the Q'uran is worth anything anymore? Where are the Fundamentalists now? Why is UMNO not chastising him for LYING on the Q'uran in PUBLIC??????????? Why am I, a non-Muslim, upset when I don't read or hear Imams or Ustazz or Hajis standing up and saying, "Hey this is wrong. You're misusing our Holy Book. You're blaspheming Allah by swearing lies on his name." Why has there been no undercurrent of anger against those who show contempt for their own god whom they try to propagate and institutionalize and yet when Ibrahim Ali opens his trap in the name of Islam you try justify his blatant and robust stupidity? You want an Islamic state, at least voice out like you believe in the good of it. At least voice out like you believe your god has been wronged.

Someone else with a much clearer head has said this about the whole joke. I agree with the writer in that now we have legal precedent to say that if I produce and promote a pornographic film in Malaysia, earn hundreds of thousands because of it and commit perjury to cover my ass,  the Court will only slap me with a RM1,833.33 fine and Parliament will want to screen my production.

The dearth of speeling

To those who sey spellling is an unessecary waste of time and that it has no place in this geograficly mobill, tekno-savey world, think again. Notwithstanding those who have real and aktual dificulties in reconising seqince of letters and who put the effort in to practice, praktise, practise, asumming that your really didnt give 2 hoots about proper speeling and considred it a truely teribble drakonian affair, hellbent on restricting freedum of expretion, if even you somehow managed to start up a coporation and needed to hyre competant staff, local or otherwise, wuld you realy antrust you're finanshial sheets, reports, marketing strategy, bizniz liasons and reputation, to sumone who spaylt like this? BBC tales me that online bizneses can lose milions in revenew due to poor spelling, a result of  too much "am i bovvered, teachur??".

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Inspector General of Police Ismail Omar had this to say about the recent Bersih rally:-

"In our attempts to disperse the crowds, the protesters pulled back and started moving towards Stadium Merdeka. However, we managed to foil all attempts to go through our barricades, which were very well managed,” he said.

Malaysia Today further reports:-

Ismail said the protesters had tried to plough through police barricades, forcing his personnel to fire tear gas and their water cannons. However, he stressed that these were done “minimally.

Well managed? Minimal? As much as we may depend on them in the event war does break out over "Was it tear gas or wasn't it?" these are hardly words one can use to describe the Malaysian armed forces.

Reminiscing the eve of the Sarawak elections, I remembered SWAT like police fully armed bracing themselves for the crows that flooded Stutong. I remember them pushing their way throught the crowds to arrest a speaker for no good reason. I remember that no one in the crowd ambushed them or dragged them down even though they were outnumbered thousands to one. I remember because I was there. I remember because the police were so close that we were probably inhaling each other's oxygen.

The authorities have a way of making us look like hooligans and yet the duit kopi joke stems from their own cowardice and lack of morals. From their boss' reluctance to weed out the rotten apples. From lack of chiding. From poor enforcement. From failed integrity.

Just found this gilarious (gila-hilarious) site: Malaysians Say the Darndest Things.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

The reason for Chrome

[Apologies for the numerous spelling mistakes, a result of skimping on the practice of harnessing one's vocabulary to full effect

Further links to read about here and here and here

Another really good and comprehensive article, if you don't mind the legal jargon here]

I am wearing yellow today. That I'm wearing it on this auspicious day may not mean much in another country (except maybe Thailand) but today, the 9th of July 2011, in this amazing, totally radical and forward-looking country of Malaysia, wearing the colour yellow is tantamount to approving of or supporting the cause of the Bersih 2.0 (bersih is Malay for clean) rally against corruption particularly electoral reform which is often seen as riddled with bribery, dirty tactics and good old obstinance to appoint better leaders. It has also be stupidly declared illegal and an offence to wear yellow today which has absolutely no basis whatsoever. Maybe if faced by police, I'll just streak.

The colour or what it stands for has been so despised by the powers that be that according to Free Malaysia Today, 644 people as at 2pm local time have been arrested at Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) and 91 people blacklisted from entering the Federal Territory. To be fair, among the 91 black listed, includes my all time favourite, the chavanist, sexist, xenophobe, Jabba the Hut look-a-like, Ibrahim Ali who famously opined that a wife is to blame for her husband's adultery, even using Islam to back his claim, arguing that a wife is expected to “drop whatever she is doing to please the husband’s (sexual) desire.” Even at this outrageous comment, our PM says nothing to publically admonish this [insert expletive times a thousand] and yet he goes all out to prove he still has balls when the people want more than just salt and rice. Am I angry? Damn right I am.

Frankly, yellow is the worst colour I can possibly wear as it clashes with my skin tone making me look more washed out that I can afford to. It would be a timely reminder to authorities on the rampage for a canary-clad scapegoat that yellow is not only the colour that represents this rally but is also the colour that represents our Royal Family and to reminisce the recent state elections, SUPP. I wonder what would happen if our Sultan decided he would quite like to wear his favourite golden songket today or if George Chan (George who?) decided to nostalgically wear his SUPP party tee to the market. It would appear that in chasing alleged culprits, some have forgotten to wipe the mustard off their own faces, leaving a trail of yolk for the spectator citizen to groan at, pulling faces worthy of lemon suckers.

I am not wearing yellow because I support Bersih. I am however, wearing the sun-kissed (I wish) colour in defiance of the shenanigans entered into by the government, police and whoever else in the run-up to the rally. The Bersih rally was not something I had interest in (at the moment, neither Government nor opposition has my vote as that dratted pothole on the way to work has yet to be fixed) however, our beloved Government (led by the wonderful non-sinkable PM)'s superb class act in handling the situation blows diplomacy right out of the amonia waste that leaves a stench in the foggy air.

Briefly, the rally was supposed to be held in various places in the city centre. Further to talks with the PM and Monarch, it was decided that the rally should be moved to a stadium (to avoid PM's buddies worrying if their investments are safe pending a Bunga Raya (or Allamanda, given the colour) revolution I suppose). Oh, by the way, the Bersih organisation was also branded illegal. Maybe we're seen as terrorists in which case, you can be sure which crowd our government will willingly negotiate with. No sooner does Bersih agree to move to a stadium, suddenly all major stadiums within easy distance have something going on be it an impromptu concert or renovation works. A venue in Shah Alam was suggested but having a rally that far away would deny it the impact it seek whilst the Cabinet wonders which second-hand multi-billion toy it should buy next. Today, the venue having been chosen [the venue being the streets since the PM retracted his promise], people are being sprayed with tear gas and water canons for standing up to an ideology they believe in. In addition people are being arrested with no proper charge other than being a threat to national security. What an excellent reason not to come into work on Monday morning.

I do not know exactly the measures and mode taken by Bersih and so cannot condone or rebuke it but what I do is that everytime our cabinet opens their collective mouth, all I hear is noise, lies and arrogance tinged with the panic-stricken realization that hit those who live in darkness; thieves trying to hoarde as much for their old age, to fund their diamond encrusted Tenna diapers before the walls come tumbling down.

This is why today, I wear yellow.

You can read an account (may be bias but what history isn't?) here.
Reporting for The Guardian here