Thursday, May 05, 2011

Singing the Song of Sng

Having taken a hiatus to indulge in life away from the brain drain of Malaysian politics, I am back with new clothes, renewed realism and rebounded from my on-again-off-again relationship with dieting. I think at the moment it's "on" as long as there is no real pressure to commit.

I wonder if George Chan is flexing his muscles these days now that he's no longer the CM's Chinese lapdog. I wonder if Ms Foo is attending May(day) parties in glitz funded by disintegrating heart machinery in a white elephant hospital that Dr Sim so proudly confessed to having persuade our PM to initiate. I wonder if Violet and Dr Sim are looking at drains together. I wonder if Dominique Ng will restore his blog which he removed after having lost in the last State elections. I wonder if anyone has looked at the healthy and safety issues behind the Bengoh Dam. I doubt it. Last week I was told that the reason Mr let's-blame-the-rain-and-close-one-eye-to-my-boss'-illegal-logging Len Talif was retained in his Forestry position was because he had carved a rep for himself as the best liar. The Rajang issue is still sitting sore and my emotional blisters will not be appeased until Len and James Masing start emptying their pockets to environmentally butress the banks. For freakin sakes Len, you are the effin environmental guru aren't you????????

Someone I spoke to today was of the opinion that politics should extend beyond social concern to invest in workable and structured visions of economic and political growth in social stability. Unfortunately, it appears that our politicians do a poor job in indulging in either. The last politician deemed to be a visionary is now lumped with his second sodomy charge and a sex scandal. I may render Singaporeans boring and homogenous (no, that does not mean gay) but at least their infrastructure is top notch. Cronyism may prevail but their equivalent of our Council houses are painted by the Government and I bet you their potholes are fixed. However, it is easier to clean a one bedroom pad compared to ranch with rolling acres of virgin forest so wide that people still think we live in trees.

What does this have to do with Larry "the Cucumber*" Sng? I'm not sure. Yet. He is supposedly new blood that the State needs. Supposedly. You are however, the company you keep and the list of cumbersome people to which he will be affiliated have roughly been listed and I haven't even gotten to the scum (except maybe Len, who is my personal bone to pick). I haven't quite decided which category he should fall into. Businessmen can become politicians; look up Donald Trump in the papers but unlike countries with a semblance of integrity (not that the US of A tops the list anyway) as far as Malaysia goes, the inevitable 'Whatever minger" disdain comes out to play at the suggestion. If I see the Sng in person, what I really want to know is, what did he make out of those airport trees being hacked down by his wife's daddy? Who cares that his/in law's home is allegedly built using airport parts. A house that gaudy he can keep.

I don't think he's even a YB at this stage but that's probably another political move to open doors without stepping on too many toes. He has a degree from LSE but then Rais has a degree from King's College (Lord, help me). Georgie is now sitting in the penalty box for kissing too much ass at the people's expense. But it looks like there are never enough in the wings. Taib must have a thing for chinese poodles. Lucky for him, in Malaysia they breed everywhere.

* Larry the Cucumber is a character in the hit children's series VeggieTales

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John Kim said...

You are very passionate about politics. Anyways government is always going to be corrupt, and it's best to make best with what we have. If you can make a difference then do it, but for someone like me. it's probably not worth my time.