Sunday, May 29, 2011

Popular Entree

The Popular Bookstore sale is back! This is what happened at the last one.

The frenzied feeling of grab war was not quite felt as draped in a moss green cardigan the size of Alaska, I shuffled my baby pink Crocs into the hall where the sale was and is as of right now, still taking place. The haunting rhyme of a yet incomplete Submission lingering in my mind, I was unable to identify and swoop upon the books with familiar eagle eye tenacity. Running children irked me and Kenny G playing on the airwaves made me wonder if Popular Bookstore had hired a psychologist who recommended the overrated yet not to be underestimated rhythm which promoted both utter despondency and that fuzzy feeling of purchasing power all in one note.

My only goal last night was to own a few more pieces of Gregory Maguire's fairytale set namely, Lion Among Men and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. Unfortunately none of Maguire's books made the sale shortlist and I wandered aimlessly wondering if even my brief stint to a paper wonderland could lift my as-a-pig-loves-mud wallowing spirits.

Dismissing, 10 Habits That Mess Up a Woman's Diet (only 10??), The God Delusion (I have enough problems of my own without listening to Dawkins' rant) and a travel book on Thailand (getting lost is that much more fun), I eventually collected a stack comprising amongst others, an Alphabet book illustrated by the famed Spiderwick author Tony DiTerlizzi, a book telling me that Emus Can't Walk Backwards and yet another providing me the answer to Does Anything Eat Wasps? (I am still looking for The Duck that Won the Lottery). I also picked up a much reduced copy of Anna Karenina. I'm guessing people don't like reading tragic-romantic Russian Tolstoy.

In the 'fuzziness' of the moment, I had a sudden urge to make mini meringues with dollops of whipped cream and chestnut puree. Having found no chestnut, I used walnut instead. May the weekend always end in baking happiness.

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