Monday, April 11, 2011

Yapping away

The Borneo Post, these days known more as BN's footstool, had this to report about Kota Sentosa BN candidate, Alfred Yap and I quote:-
"Meanwhile, BN-SUPP Kota Sentosa candidate Datuk Alfred Yap said all SUPP candidates in predominantly Chinese areas had the proper channel to fight for the interest of the communities.

“We can bring your voice to the prime minister for as long as your requests are reasonable.”

The SUPP information and publicity secretary said he did receive requests for free land lease renewal but he added: “Income must be there to run a state or a nation, so it is kind of impossible to have it for free.”

SUPP has long had a habit of guarding its own ass so don't waste time saying that you'll fight for communities. "As long as your requests are reasonable" irks me to no end as does "it is kind of impossible to have [free land lease renewal] for free." So your sifu can have it for free but we can't?
Read full report here. There's also some stuff about Prof Sim in it.
On another note, I read somewhere that SUPP is of the opinion that not having them (SUPP) in the DUN means that the Chinese lose out on representation in the State. Since when did the Chinese only represent the Chinese?????? Threats like those make me ill and reenforces BN's racial hypocrisy.

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