Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ubah of a feather...

The first time I saw this poster on a leaflet, I thought it was an advertisement for polo tees; for Hush Puppy polo tees to be exact. The pastels must mean something but I'm not sure what.

 WKW will be facing ex-party member Dominique Ng in a 3-man fight. I hope he will be a more controlled and gracious representative than Dom. Less verbal diarrhoea and headless chicken exercises will hopefully mean lower legal costs which the constituency is expected to cough up.

 CCJ is affable but is he astute?

Ubah the hornbill mascot

I spied this nugget in MJC, Batu Kawa
DAP not sending anyone to Batu Lintang as the Opposition Coalition have got PKR to cover it


Eing said...

what an insult to hush puppies shirts :-(

Debibo said...

Two of them were actually wearing Hush Puppy polos, that's why!!! ahahahahahaha