Friday, April 15, 2011

Two-Party System

It is unfortunate and a pity that Lim Guan Eng was not as good an orator as anticipated. He certainly said the most things to which I raised my eyebrows ala permanent botox, of all the PR rally speakers this year. Or maybe I should rephrase that and say of all the English/Malay speaking rally speakers this year (for dire lack of Chinese vocabulary knowledge I refrain from commenting on Chinese speech content).

There were ocassions when I wondered if all parties had just completely lost any sense of dignity or propriety in this Election Fiesta. It is nevertheless a source of good fun within all seriousness for Sarawakians. You get free burgers from BN and listen to Chinese poetry from DAP. Free tupperware from BN and "Nobody but you" fashioned as Taib parodies. For those of you not in Sarawak or to those who are but have never yet been to a ceramah, that's an idea of the tidbits you receive depending on which rally you attend. In short, freebies = BN; satirical entertainment = DAP.

LGE mentioned a two-party system. I can only imagine that he meant a Parliamentary shadow system similar to the UK whereby Ministers appointed to a post have a Minister from the Opposition party shadowing them, to keep accountable the system of checks and balances. He also mentioned that Dr Sim (SUPP candidate for pending running against DAP's Violet Yong) should go back to the hospital where he belongs. I think that's very unclassy of him to say, not least because Dr Sim has proven his professional worth and is by far one of the more proactive SUPP members in this generation.

Dare I dream of a day when BN wins yet allows DAP Gobind Singh to be Law Minister? Or the day where an SUPP candidate is invited and agrees to work together with a DAP incumbent? Or the day Mahathir honours Karpal as a national hero. That is true accountability. That is politics for the betterment of State, Country and people.

I agree that we should deny BN 2/3 majority in this election, not because I have absolute faith in PR but because it will keep both parties on their toes. BN will hopefully buck up and rethink their silver spoon policy and PR will have a chance to improve on the mundane everyday implementation and execution skills required for the running of a State as large as Sarawak.

Even though sarcasm is their forte West Malaysian DAP speakers need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. They've mentioned Taib and George being "crocodiles" one too many times and I'm alarmingly starting to feel a semblance of pity for Taib by virtue of the fact that as a Sarawakian I'm really proud of our Bujang Senang heritage (legendary crocodile who lived in the Rajang river, ate watches, people and according to reports had a tree growing out of his head).

A lot of talk has been heard about the difference between transformation and change. SUPP are saying that the current has a good base and just needs to be transformed (the tree is dry but if you water it, it will live again) whereas PR is saying that the tree is the source of all evil and should be pulled out at the roots and a new tree planted. I think maybe some grafting is required.

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