Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To the pure...

Editor's note: ISA stands for Internal Security Act 1960 which has been the bane of free speech in Malaysia.

To the pure all thing are pure
Though minds may dream in sin and lore
What was white is now called black
And all the things you hide from fact
Of all the rubbish you had to pick
 The one on faith just takes the mick
You stand and pray in crowds of ten
You see not the poor that have no fence

The river has run dry as flour
You stand and cheer "No more flood ah!"
The jungle is shorn, stubbled mud
Your tractors humiliate her barren shroud
"Education is key!" you cry
Yet the history of truth you dare deny
More catholic that the Pope you are
Did your religion get you far?
You give your faith a stinking name
You reduce it to the angry flames
Not just leading us astray
You lead your people off the way
Do you think your God will stand
To watch people suffer in vain?
Do you find the fatherless
Or wait until they scream and curse?
Do your scales speak of justice true
Or represent the cries til blue?
Will your people even care
After this Election Day?

You do have a burden great
Because you do not delegate
Your ministers have brains of dust
That only care for pomp and fuss
We say you're like peas in pod
You shut out speakers with the rod
We say that you have over-reached
You put us down in chambers deep
How long will this circus carry on
With our dignity come and gone?

Yes, there have been roads and tar
The ground to Sibu's up to par
Yes, we've had our share of pie
Things looking good with KPI
Land is turned into progress
Gold, oil and natural gas
Now we have Satelite
International football, soon, dynamite
Can we trust in SCORE for energy
Or is our hope misplaced misery?
But what's the point of giving us more
When what we deserve is all
What's the point of Bakun Dam
When people are displaced time again
What's the point of Halal Hub
When it's a sin to eat kebab
What of children who go to school
And get told they're pendatang too
Why not tell the people straight
Instead of thinking we will break
Why fear we will run away
Unless you know anyway

Keep your quotas and APs
That is not what makes us so angry
Keep your kuncus and projects 
If you think that you are the best
If your pals are quality
Please keep the monopoly
If your people buy with fair price
Please buy the land to build sky rise
But cars break down
And roads have holes
Trees are shredded
For what? No bridges mended
History is farce
And language is crass
Strait As is the min
But money only cukup muat Milo tin

To be only entertaining when ridiculed
The Government must feel minisculed
But all's not at an end if they simply act
And don't pretend to be part of a pack
Sincerity is easy to say
But implementation, have you thought of a way?
When the flags are down and posters thrown
Will the Government remember the promises borne?
I'm afraid they will not as they attempt
To rewrite history as they fall further from grace.

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