Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sum consideration

Pek Moh @ Pai Mau @ Taib Mahmud @ current Chief Minister has certainly over-and-out-stayed his welcome. He's still however around, either by some secret power struggle or just plain secret, or should I say secret(S) between himself and our Prime Minister or BN has truly lost touch with reality by allowing him to contest despite obvious grassroots sentiments. Then again, what do I know about the struggles kampung people go through? Despite the unaccounted for corruption and cronyism, will it be fair to say that life in the rural areas has actually become more livable albeit gradually?

The Coalition rightly wants to rid Sarawak of our malignant parasitic tumour and as heartened as I am to stand in solidarity, I have yet to hear or read, with the exception of calling for an Inquiry over Taib's Land Grabs, that they will fight TO implement XYZ for the people. I didn't hear that schools will be painted, roads with bowling ball size potholes have been identified or that people would be fired. My maths may be laughable but considering the ratio of Penang and Selangor, it is a poor comparison to assume that the exact same measures can be implemented in Sarawak. We have trees people have never heard of, land that has never been trodden upon, rivers that stop for no bridge and culture that extend beyong Ali, Ah Chong and Muthusamy.

It is great that we can stand shoulder to shoulder to fight for democracy and for "change" despite perhaps yet unseen ulterior motives and no matter how insidious the human heart is, however, I want to know if after facing the squall, whether Sarawak will have a boat to sail home on, or whether after the storm, the sharks will come feed on unprotected schools of fodder.

This week I will ask the following questions and see if I get any answers:-

1) What do they plan to do for squatters living in Batu Kawa?
2) How do they plan to buffer and improve economy in the cities?
3) What do they think of Prof Dr Sim's proposals in his manifesto?
4) How will they combat Swinburne's students effectively paying the Government for parking within the grounds of an academic institution (read here)? The next thing you know, I'll be paying the Government when I park within my own church grounds!
5) Can the Coalition outline 5 infrastructural plans for cities and the rural areas respectively, to be commenced before the end of 2011?
6) Will the Coalition with its many lawyers seek to engage and overhaul the Sarawak Bar? Just read for yourself (here) the mettle of our West Malaysian counterparts.
7) What will the Coalition do about the Bakun Dam and the other proposed mega dams to be built?
8) Will Ubah (Change) the DAP's mascot be its perpetual representative? Afterall, if the reforming church is always reforming, any form of institution should also be ever changing. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for soft toys.

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