Monday, April 18, 2011

A reply

I read a comment in Malaysian Chronicle by one "Rosmah" which I dislike. For whatever reason, I couldn't put my reply up on the site so I'll publish it here. Rosmah's comment followed by my intended reply.

Monday, 18 April 2011 12:27 posted by rosmah says

thank you taib is really laughing all the way to the bank.,.coz he's going to take geroge chan's portion as well..

you sarawakians keep complaining the unjustice and corruption by the BN faggots, but you also failed to unite to vote them out...

If you don't help yourself, how do you think others can help you? Others can only do so much...

Now another 5 years of taib's shit going put on you as his way to say "thank you" for not taking him out...

You sarawakians had the best chance, but failed...

Now you watch what najib and rosmah are going to do on federal level...

all the promises they've made to you during the campaign triail, I bet you that you'll be lucky to get 1% of what's been promised to you!!


"To Rosmah (18 April): Your comment is incredibly ungracious and exposes naivety and lack of understanding of the levels of poverty and inaccessibility to basic rights (such as running water and education) let alone Internet acess many Sarawakians in the interior face. I can only imagine you come from a city in West Malaysia judging from the "you sarawakians" slur. Forget Muhyiddin and his "Levels of poverty in Sarawak is only 3%" which is utter nonsense. The dire lack of many communities is something few see and fewer still can imagine.

In the city we laugh when the government hands out washing machines to try win our favour but there are villages that are still without electricity who are living literally kais pagi makan pagi. Can you blame the uneducated and marginalised for thinking they owe the Government their vote when BN comes with a bag of 50kg of rice for their families? BN needs to buck up and realise that well-informed citizens will not stand to be lied to anymore. PR on the other hand needs to realise that ceramahs and dialogue won't win the interior. Why care for philosophy when your children are starving?

The cities have spoken in case you have not realised, sweeping SUPP as the Peninsular swept Gerakan before and although not 2/3 majority, the Opposition has certainly put a dent in the confidence of BN. However, what is more important is a reformation of policy not the chaotic over-throwing of an entire government. Do you really think that PR is ready to handle the intricacies of Sarawakian politics? There are constituencies that are larger than states in the Peninsular. This is not to say that Sarawak is better, only that unprepared and unsuitable candidates, whether from PR or BN, will be swamped by the poor infrastructure that simply does not correspond to the land mass. If BN continues to weaken, PR will emerge as the sole power which brings us right back to square one.

Ultimately, the election results are positive yet moderately leaning towards a two-party system. Hopefully, in this slightly more challenging playing field, politics in general will take a turn for the better which is what we all want."

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