Friday, April 15, 2011

PTP - Points to ponder

The battle is at its climax and to use a wrong quantifying term, is massively exciting (massive actually refers to tangible mass fyi). Campaigning ends at 12 midnight and tomorrow sombre polling will take place. The crowd at BDC was the biggest I've ever seen at a ceramah to date yet I hear crowds in Miri are on average  10,000 strong. For those who know Kuching geography, people were parking as far as Hijau to be at the talk in fron of Stampark. DAP ran out of Ubah, the hornbill mascot, 3 days ago. My good intentions to go to a BN ceramah simply couldn't materialize as sure-fire rounds of Opposition ceramahs filled the Schedule. Let it be known that there were actually times I went to bed smelling of smoke, without first taking a shower.

Some thoughts on parties, policy and people before this gets wrapped up tomorrow.

RPK - Don't knock the SD until you have actually read it here else you'll just be part of the rumour mill
Raja Petra Kamaruddin @ RPK - the infamous blogger hailed as the defiant underdog is now made to look like he is cowering away in Perth. Sporting a French beret cap from the safety of Australia, he shoots down de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim for lying to him and retracts his Statutory Declaration implicating our current PM and wife in the murder of Mongolian model, Altantuya. Several things come to mind instantly. People who retract SDs should not be trusted and RPK's ostentatious beachy life has been paid for under the table, but that would clearly be jumping to conclusions.

On the other hand, when was the interview? And why release it now at the peak of war? Have we forgotten that special trip to Taiwan or do we like dogs, retch and then return to our vomit and wonder why we're being treated like dogs? Report here and here.

Just to make things clear, if you read the SD carefully, he never said that our dear PM's wife was present when Altantuya was blown up. He said he was reliably informed hence he never retracted his SD and has not contradicted himself. Naturally pro-Government institutions would choose to leave "unnecessary" words out, right?

Blaming Islam
BN's attempts at creating fear of Islamization is clear from their election banners. One reads "Say no to Islamic State" implying that if Sarawak voted for the Opposition, it would be turned into an Islamic State. Pity BN didn't consult lawmaker Ibrahim Ali first. Since he's SO SMART and all. See just how smart here. Just to recap, Sarawak will never be an Islamic State under the tiny piece of paper known as the Constitution and secondly, Islam is not the issue. I've blogged briefly on this before here. Should I ever get the chance to attend a Government sponsored event, let's just see how the organisers feel when I start brandishing my wushu sword around.

Pai Mau @ Taib @ White Fur
Thinking absently about the content of the DAP ceramahs this week, I was looking at my dog Brownie today. Incidentally she is white and fierce and hugely protective of her territory even though she is aging. My other dog Zoloft is twice her size but is scared of her as she terrorized him since he was a young 'un. To my alarm, I thought dear, old Brownie could be the literal Pai Mau of my home's doggy world.

Padungan, Pending & Progress
I watched Sim Kiang Chiok (BN) on the news last night where he was sharing his game plan to help Padungan prosper. Dr Sim Kui Hian (BN) for Pending also revealed his proposal for a Health Metropolis in Kuching. If these two can actually bring about 80% of their plans, it will be a good step forward indeed. It is especially refreshing to read that Dr Sim intends to invest in talent and intellect, which is a step out of the box for any BN candidate. However, amidst the promise of progress and infrastructure, I want to know, will this project be an open tender or another opportunity to fill bursting wallets? I wonder if the Sims thought about that.

I also want to know what Dominique Ng can claim as his legacy in Padungan. He only seems fond of having his name in print.

Fighting Factions
Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler all had to exert themselves to counter the tension arising naturally from forming Coalitions. Sadaam had to suppress racial riots because political lines were carelessly drawn by the West. The Dude who built the Great Wall of China had his share of problems keeping the real Middle Earth (sorry Tolkien :p) together. In a way we have to be grateful that with the exception of May 13, we have lived largely in peace with each other and some credit has to go to the Government because of that.

Last night Anwar mentioned that there were arguments within the Opposition Coalition because there were a lot of dynamic and opinionated people in the group. We know this for a fact. The West Malaysian combination of Anwar, Kit Siang, Karpal, Tok Aziz and Guan Eng would create a combustion worthy of Einstein. However, iron sharpens iron as the tried and tested adage goes and debate is a good way to keep mental faculties in check to expose loopholes and defect of opinion which one may not notice otherwise. The presence of debate does not mean the absence of unity. The Government however harps on this 'faction fighting' by saying that a bickering Coalition is an unstable one and has amongst its election posters stated that although they (the Governement) appear to fight each other, they are united for the people. I verily belief this to be bullshit crap untrue. The Chinese Ministers that supposedly represent me make me glad to be a banana that I may distance myself from their stereotype as far as possible. The only thing we have in common is pork and minyak kapak.

Race & Religion
I blame our Constitution for holding that every Malay has to be Muslim. I am not saying that Malays are unwilling Muslims; not at all. But the refusal of accepting that Malays are allowed to hold different beliefs is restricting human rights at its highest level. That is also the unfortunate basis for many race and religion based politics and policies and also the reason why the population of Malays ties in so heavily with the population of Muslims. Imagine if the constitution were to say that to be Chinese is to be Buddhist; Indian - Hindu; Iban - Polytheist; Kwai lo/ Ang Mo - Christian. Imagine the Hindu equivalent of JAKIM assaulting an Indian for eating a Big Mac or imagine an Iban beheaded for choosing to worship one God instead of 20.

It is one thing for there to be a natural religious trend ie in Ireland where the North is Protestant and the South is Catholic, but to have it enshrined in Constitution is a mockery of human rights. What if the Constitution were to say every Melanau woman has to go through gental mutilation or that every Kayan male has to wear loincloth only? It is as offensive as that.

Bad Drivers
Whichever team makes Governement tomorrow, I doubt they'll be able to eradicate assholes drivers who don't signal when they turn into another lane or as in last night's encounter, some [insert expletive referring to regressed imbecile] who dared (expletive) HONK at me when HE was (expletive) driving the wrong way on the wrong lane. I promptly ignored his numerous honks at which he decided to come over and rap at my window to ask me to move my car WITHOUT EVEN (swear x1000000) saying "Please." I automatically shouted an F-word after him. QKXxxxx, I have my eye on your sorry Waja arse. URGH!

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