Friday, April 08, 2011

No one does stupid as Stupid does

Edit: apparently some of the links are no longer active. Hmmm, interesting....

Some of these links here open a tiny doorway to the tenacity of the Malaysian brain; to those who create stupidity beyond stupid and to the rest of us who rally forward in spite of the nonsense raining all around us.

1) Wives... living dildos:-

2) English... a cultural killer:-

3) With PR we'll end up "like Greece" (but with BN we'll go bankrupt by 2018):-

4) Malaysians say the darndest things:-

Some points I just have to highlight.

Q: What do you think of poverty in Malaysia?
A: Poverty in Malaysia is not as bad as reported. Under the BN government, we have less poor people than Somalia

Q: How about the rising level of crime?
A: Well, let’s look at it this way, we have crime for sure. But under the BN government, it is still not as bad as the crime levels in Iraq, where ordinary citizens get kidnapped everyday.

5) Looks like corruption, smells like corruption, but it's not corruption:-

6) Legitimizing porn whilst Islamizing the state; someone doesn't know which end to believe in:-

Lord, help us....

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