Tuesday, April 19, 2011

News bites

This was never meant to be a political blog but given the trend of late, the creature of change seems to have snuck in through the back door resulting in more and more posts on Government policies. I hold that whilst politics may be the flavour of the day, soon I may come round to blogging about food again.

Briefly, I think the 1Malaysia Email Project is another waste of Government funds and taxpayers' contributions. What 18 year olds need is not an email account but the means to access it. Come to think of it, I don't know of many 18-year olds who have internet access who don't already have an email account, or several for that matter. Why have an email account boring.person@1malaysia.com.my if you can have freakinawesome@internationalserver.com? In any case, even if an email account is provided for FREE with no hidden charges (which would make it more expensive than gmail, yahoo and hotmail which offer multiple email accounts absolutely FREE) how on earth will Mr Farmer on Kelapa Sawit Plantation access or afford it if the modem, computer and telephone/satelite were not free as well? Economic transformation? No wonder Idris Jala predicted national bankruptcy.

There has been talk of possibly allowing SUPP into the DUN by changing legislation to accomodate nominated members of the DUN in addition to the elected members. I emphatically hope that the Government and Legislative arm make no such move. PBB senator Idris Buang (I am restraining making personal comments on his surname which in English translates as "throw") raised the issue but so far SUPP has been reluctant to consider the option. Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, who also raised the motion to pass the White Paper to which I provided my opinion here and here, said that, “There should not be any “back door” entrance just to accommodate the Chinese community in the Cabinet. The Chinese community has voice out loud and clear that they do not want representative in the government, so we must respect their decision.”

As with the White Paper issue, I'm never quite sure whether this dude is for unity or against it or just doesn't get the point. Yes, it is correct that there should be no back door entrance. I fully agree with that. But what I don't understand is this continual division of race that implies a non-Chinese cannot stand up for a Chinese in Government. I thank him for respecting the decision of the people but I hope his veiled threats are only down to poor reporting from Borneo Post. Pandi Suhaili fares no better stating, “However, it is clear to all of us that the Chinese community only want representatives in the DUN and not in the government. Therefore, all of us should respect their decisions.” Thanks Pandi for respecting our decision but don't make it sound like the Chinese want their own island. Pleaselah there was a reason we left China (if China must be brought into it). Who can we go to for all the ketupat, masak hitam and nasi kerabu then huh?

I understand that Borneo Post is hardly the most reliable of sources, making devils appear to be saviours and painting calvary to look like an occult however, it is worth noting their brief report here if only for information's sake.

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