Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just stop

Some politicians in Sarawak have argued that to allow the politics of West Malaysia into the Hornbills' Nest is to bring in bad blood, racism, segregation and distrust.

I think the main culprits who have have actually managed to inculcate that ridiculous notion in their lives are the very same people who say it needs to be kept out.

What happened a common humanity? What happened to a shared vision? To use the Government's agenda, what happened to 1Malaysia? To get the ball rolling, maybe we should make it a mandate that any one person in the DUN or Parliament has to come up with bi-monthly proposals for the benefit of other races in his or her constituency other than the race(s) to which he or she belongs to.

Don't stick that finger in the air yet talk about racial representation. Just stop. You'll soon find that to your hypocrisy, another finger will be stuck in the air.

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