Friday, April 08, 2011

Independent blunder

Hibiscus sporting, ex-PKR Dominique Ng is standing against DAP specifically and the Opposition Coalition in general (also against BN obviouslah isn't it?) as an indepedent candidate. There have been mixed opinions about this strategy, some woefully declaring that his action has singlehandedly presented BN with the Padungan seat whilst others are of the view that as incumbent, he should have been allowed to stand for PKR against BN and not be sacrificed through Coalition compromise. I choose to rely on his blog and namely, this interesting excerpt:-

Ng stressed that of the three, he is in a position to win based on his incumbency and his track record in the constituency over the past 20 years. “You must understand that I am the incumbent. Wong is still very young, plenty of opportunity to field him as a candidate in the future,” he said.

Sounds to me like Dominique Ng, George Chan and Taib Mahmud are rocking in the same boat; some people never know when to quit while they're ahead. If Padungan is lost to BN I know whose house to send the sacrificial scapegoat to.

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