Friday, April 08, 2011


Professor Dr Sim something something has a relevant manifesto. And a decent website at His self-drafted "report card" seems too much like a political ploy though, most of which involve drain fixing. If this were down to purely sentimental voting, he might actually have this anak bumi Kenyalang's one (remember, assuming this is strictly sentimental) since his father's bouganvilla-fenced house was "the house on the hill" that was far (yet near) enough for a 9-year old to walk to when she wanted to play "go on an adventure" or "run away from home." Though home is somewhere else now, Kenyalang duck rice and apam balik at 7 on a Saturday morning still carries the essence of community.

I don't think the Professor is a bad guy. He just happens to be on the wrong team.

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