Monday, April 18, 2011

Dr M and his cloud

Dr Mahathir is hiding behind a cloud of ignorance. Once our Premier, he now grapples for attention by providing shallow, inaccurate and bandwagon comments that reek of ill will and backward thinking. The Bapa of Malaysia and his 2020 vision didn't foresee 2018 Bankruptcy, submarines that don't sink and people who have started to think for themselves.

Reported by Free Malaysia, I decided to scout out our former PM's blog to verify the audacious statements that clearly reflect the mind of someone who has lost touch with reality.

1) That he has congratulated our current PM (for handing out free Tupperware) is laughable. BN also clearly by Dr M's standards, had "good supporting staff" whereas PR's West Malaysian support were branded dissenters the whole election period.

2) Dr M was trying to be sarcastic when he congratulated DAP for bringing race based politics to Sarawak. Dr M should look in his own backyard. He also thinks that anyone who doesn't agree with him and his precious UMNO is racist by the unifying token that he is Malay. Pleaselah, that's so old school.

3) He thinks that by voting for DAP, the Chinese community are selfish and have rejected multi-culturalism. He says that we have been infected by the virus of Chinese racism. If he continues talking about Chinese racism I'll go learn Mandarin so that I can swear at him with full effect in this clearly racist language. The abyss that is Dr M's detachment from reality, widens.

4) "Chinese who reject DAP are considered non-Chinese by DAP." Please qualify your statement with examples and fact. What about Malays who reject DAP? Or Indians? Or Bidayuhs? Are you saying that they are considered non-Malay/ Indian/ Bidayuh too? That's a bit ridiculous, don't you think?

5) "Malaysia faces a grave danger of being divided into 2 parties." Oh dear, I guess that means the USA, Australia, UK and oh wait,almost every other first world country is squirming in political disaster. We must send Tun Mahathir over to educate them.

6) "Malays in DAP are just window dressing." Dr M is just upset he didn't get an invitation to stand in as window dresser. I wonder what Zeti thinks about this... Dr M is essentially calling her dad a mannequin.

There are other points that follow that threaten to ignite a string of vocabulary usually saved for people who don't signal when changing lanes so I will refrain from commenting any further. Go read it for yourself.

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