Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't slack

DAP usually turns out a good crowd at their rallies which translate at the polls. However, although tipped to win several seats at this year's elections, I would like to add a word of advice to Ms Chiew, standing to represent Batu Kawa; considering she's my age, I hope I don't come across as an Ah Mu when I say that it is not correct political etiquette and by no means of any help to herself to be seated at the same table yet ignore people who go to hear your Party rally. If I were a disgruntled, fence-sitting, Batu Kawa constituent, her obvious lack of interpersonal know-how would have scored her an own goal for the other party. It's all very well and good that you've given up doing a phD to campaign for a higher cause but what does that mean to me as the voter when you look me in the eye and say nothing? What's more interesting is that she claims to have been the assistant to Violet Yong, DAP's representative in Pending who gets top marks for relational skills.

I cruised into different constituencies with my camera to catch the colourful posters around town and popped into Desa Wira to check if 'my' horses were around. The most obvious thing that caught my eye were the rows of BN flags that lined, not just streets but houses and stalls as well and I couldn't help but wonder whether Ms Chiew knows that there are dirt poor people living in the literal slums of her constituency. I wonder if she has even seen the state of the houses or driven on the roads. Has she seen the kids play muddied football in the after effects of the rain or spoken to the Ramly Burger stall owner?

As a banana I remain partyless because I don't identify with any party, cute mascot or otherwise. This includes DAP and if I were a Batu Kawa voter, I don't see how my supposed MP identifies with me. If I can't identify with a Chinese MP, how much less the Malays in the Settlement Areas? The incumbent may be Chinese as well but at least he belongs to a party that screams Malay supremacy even though it is done at the cost of the people they claim to protect; people who continue to vote and stand beind them because of the need to identify and create an identity

Having said all that, she did finally lean across the table to greet me, about 15 minutes later. It could have been 15 minutes too late.

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