Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blurring the lines

Despite everything said on this blog, I honestly remain undecided as to who I should mark my X next to, when the rubber hits the road. Blame it on my personal racial crisis. I've said many times before, that as a 'banana' few things Chinese interest me (pork and all things related to food is a major exception to this rule yum yum). I don't agree with the patriachal system, ancesteral veneration or in allowing elders the authority to dictate what I can and cannot think, say or do, the epitome, in principle, of what many traditionalist Chinese will call bo ka si (no manners). As a result, I feel very little affiliation for parties, people or institutions which society tells us Chinese people should naturally feel inclined to and so when SUPP tells me that I will not get any Chinese representation if I do not vote for them, it creates a little more than a nudge in my conscience. If anything, it annoys me to no end and exposes their own deep-rooted racist indications.

Sometimes I wonder why SUPP continues aligning itself with BN. Maybe I'm foolish or gullible but there are SUPP members who baffle me. SUPP members I know who (at least in my opinion) have the integrity and balls to revive this party. There are people in SUPP who are actually nice! Unfortunately, the party continues to exude "narrow-minded old man" syndromme thanks to Ali Baba and his 40 thieves and I'm left wondering whether these dynamic members are left out or leave themselves out by choice, which ultimately defeats the purpose of joining a party in the first place. I can only imagine, with much disappointment, that guarantees of government work and personal gain are at the heart of it. What happened to the spirit of the Chinese Warlord who sacrifices in the name of honour or are all these movies of noble kung fu masters merely tales spun out of clouds and air? Maybe the Chinese Warlord got fat on good food and couldn't get on his horse anymore, thereby spinning in a downward spiral of gluttony and spiteful retaliation on others who are light enough to gallop ahead.

DAP is doing better for itself in that it garners and utilizes talent. It shows us the difference that can come when one chooses merit as a spur over silver spoons. Take the rallies as a simple, current and undeniable factual example. For all Borneo Post's puffery to boost the image of BN in Sarawak this week, they could only admit that a few hundred attended BN's debates. It wouldn't be surpising if the number were circa 200 instead of 800 as they would like to make us believe. Even then, people were ferried in with buses probably paid for with State money. Photos are cropped to make it look like our PM is surrounded by throes of supporters, but taken from a wide angle, the dismal turnout is glaringly obvious. We then look at DAP crowds in their thousands, whichever angle you try photo it, which spill into roads. Cars are parked along main streets and 4x4s line the pavements when there is no space left on the road. There are no seats offered by DAP. No bottled water or burgers, no cemented floor, not even shelter but people come and they listen and they stand huddled under umbrellas.

Merit builds us as a society. Merit forces us to take action whether it is to open a business or make the trek to listen to a speaker for 4 hours standing up. Merit enlarges our capacity to grow, to think and to decide and discern and promotes healthy competition as our reasoning is strengthened by being tested. It weeds out people who "look" the part and gives them to people who follow through. If iron sharpens iron, then I won't be surprised if BN's governing core is more slushy than a jam-filled doughnut.

Maybe it's just the banana in me talking but if SUPP/BN and DAP/PR truly and honestly claim to be multi-racial (even though it comes wrapped in a Ming-Ching package), they would talk about issues across the board. It's understandable that us cityfolk are more concerned about traffic jams and sending kids to University but I wish people in the cities would care about what's going on in the rural areas. They demand tertiery education for their children but who gives a damn about the Penan children sexually oppressed and abused by logging companies? Ibrahim Ali will probably say something disgusting to the effect of Penan women need the money anyway and the loggers are doing them a service.

I want to see politicians making urbanites aware that the river is drying up and that soon your Starbucks coffee cup is going to cost more than the coffee because of the degridation of forest that is happening. I want politicians to say they will create hamlets as pockets of trade in the rural areas. I want significant acres of land to be sectioned off as constitutionally off-limits for any sort of development. I would say Federal land but we all know that you put the word "Federal" in front of it and BN will think it's theirs to turn into a political playground.

I used to think that keeping Taib around was the only way we could keep UMNO out. But a democracy by the very definition of its word should not centre around one man. If the people say no, who is the Government to deny the voice that they supposedly represent? This is not a parent-child relationship neither is it master-servant. I don't see SUPP as evil. What I see is that SUPP lack the backbone and guts and honour to oust Taib and George Chan. To say to James Masing and Datu Len Talif, "Shut up!!" To do some spring cleaning and get rid of that hideous giant carpet sitting on the SUPP living room floor.

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