Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Blood sacrifice

Everytime something goes wrong in Sarawak and the feelings of the indigenous are involved, Masing and Jabu and a bunch of hokies will end up piously sacrificing pigs, chickens and their own people's livelihoods in order to appease the Iban gods people. Naturally such acts of morality will end up on the front page of the local newspaper together with a shopping list of just how much they spent to purchase the porkchop when firstly, the pig was probably lame and unfit for sacrifice anyway and secondly, they probably made a killing (pun intended) snatching stealing hoodwinking fraudulently purchasing the "unclean" gimp from a poor farmer who could barely afford to keep the thing let alone sell it.

They slip dollar bills under the doorway as acts of kindness and rob people of land worth a million time fold. They smile for the cameras to shake the hands that they secretly squirm to hold. They identify by race but have forgotten their roots. They say they are acting in the people's best interest but turn a blind eye when the rainforest comes wrapped in a pink bow with trimmings.

They really think that sacrificing the blood of lambs and goats is sufficient when they use their Jimmy Choo equivalents to trample on the blood of the living God who watches silently and seems to not act yet only because he holds time in his hands. As they suffocate chickens by strangulation, they think they can suffocate the one who gave them life. I wonder if they secretly wonder if they would be in a much better place if nosy Christians didn't harp on their Bible so much (it's just a series of alphabets as Dawkins would say; by the way, based on Dawkins' own definition, he doesn't exist - stupid really, trying to disprove your existance) but when non-Muslims ask rhetorical questions about Islam or the Q'uran, the infamous keris come flying up in the air and Malay Supremacy is preached. I can scream til I'm blue and green in the face but they have a wonderful knack for not understanding (like blocks of wood).


They sweet talk and candy coat yet in the same breath threaten Sarawak with supposed "Islamization" more than any other state. Islam isn't the heart of the matter. Muslims aren't the problem. UMNO is.

In Sarawak we have seen our other East Malaysian neighbour politically, socially and economically torn assunder and plagued by the ill-wind and blatant idiocy of this faction of the ruling party. Unity is riding on the fleeing breeze that used to be Sabah and her people can only try remember a better time as it slips through their fingers. That is what every Sarawakian dreads. It is not the influx of mee jawa, halal hubs, masak merah or ketupat, baju kurung, Siti Nurhaliza or whatever it is they think the non-Muslims dislike. It is the atrocity of being ruled at state level, much closer to home, by a faction that could rival Pooh Bear and Humpty Dumpty in smarts.

Rejang river logjam, corrupt Customs, PROPOSED PORNOGRAPHY SCREENING IN PARLIAMENT (another rant must follow suit), skewered APs and incompetent incumbrats incumbents aside, this article may not have been written if the roads were simply maintained and street lights working. Think about it.

Today is nomination day for the state of Sarawak. Looking forward to a knowledge-based, forward-thinking, trustworthy new State Assembly on 16 April 2011.

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