Monday, April 11, 2011

Autobots transform!

In the echelons of Cyberjaya Putrajaya Cybertron, two groups are waiting in the luch to get their hands on the All Sarawak Spark, the life giving entity that will fuel the economy and bring peace, structure and well-being to the planet. The gleaming white Pek Moh Megatron is poised and ready for battle. He is confident. After all, the Transformers Decepticons far outnumber the Autobots in rank and file. He sends out his Commander [insert relevant Party here] Starscream to scout the area. Citizens of Cybertron are quizzed.

"Why don't you want to be a slave under Megatron forever???!!!!!???" screeches Starscream. "Don't you know that Megatron is looking after you??? Don't you know that the Autobots are weak and pathetic because they care for the weakling and the dispensable. Don't you know that if all Cybertron effort goes to supportng the weak, that we will not progressssssssss. We will not move forward!!! We will lose our vision!!!!!"


Change seems to be the main course on offer this year. Transformation. Restoration. Retribution. Status Quo. Main course, you say? But how can it be filling for like the wind, change is not tangible. I would go so far to say that it is not change that we want, but a solution. If I am hot, I want to be cooled down, whether by wind, air-conditioning, fan or suddenly finding myself in Antartica. The circumstance of obtaining or achieving what I currently lack, could be called 'change' but other than that, change in and of itself offers only the potential of altering circumstances but provides no mode or medium for doing so. As one knows when the wind is blowing, so we know when change has happened or is happening. Though change cannot be tangible, distinguishing patterns of facts and figures can show us that it is or has occured.

Both major parties this year are promising change on a platter. It basically means until the ground is broken or until it has been proven that the ground is being broken in whatever capacity individuals may impact the political landscape, what is on offer is only hot air to make some large brightly-coloured, canvassed teardrop look good in the sky.

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