Thursday, April 07, 2011

And they're on!

Driving home yesterday evening, I couldn't help but notice that the city landscaped had changed within a few hours. Like balloons being put up to signal a party, the appearance of rockets, scales, fishtails and coloured billboards has increased the momentum of rousing excitement in Sarawak. Pictures to follow. Definitely photoshopped all around. For 2 nights this week the Opposition has already held talks, propounding manifestos and shooting down the current state assemblymen. I forgot to ask people who went if deep fried "Bishop's noses" or "Chicken butts" or gizzard or liver were thrown in. I would be more tempted to listen if my stomach were sated first.

Hearsay tells me that Gobind Singh was at 101 Premier last night rubbing shoulders with the locals and that he speaks a smattering of Hokkien.

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