Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doing nothing

A week of sleep would be nice. A week of sleeping, baking and watching Bones reruns. I feel sleepy just thinking about it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just stop

Some politicians in Sarawak have argued that to allow the politics of West Malaysia into the Hornbills' Nest is to bring in bad blood, racism, segregation and distrust.

I think the main culprits who have have actually managed to inculcate that ridiculous notion in their lives are the very same people who say it needs to be kept out.

What happened a common humanity? What happened to a shared vision? To use the Government's agenda, what happened to 1Malaysia? To get the ball rolling, maybe we should make it a mandate that any one person in the DUN or Parliament has to come up with bi-monthly proposals for the benefit of other races in his or her constituency other than the race(s) to which he or she belongs to.

Don't stick that finger in the air yet talk about racial representation. Just stop. You'll soon find that to your hypocrisy, another finger will be stuck in the air.

Depends how you phrase it

rotund corpulent stout barrell
voluptuous round robust spherical
bulky hefty hulk chunky
curvaceous heavy plump stocky
girth trunk solid mass
firm fat filled-out big
soft chubby tubby belly
bulbous padded meaty jiggly
tough full-cream insulated fluffy

Zoloft, Xanax and Prozac

After feeling extremely guilty for berating Zoloft and reading up on animal behaviour and psychology and concluding that by chewing my shoes my dog either a) loves me very much; or b) is bored; or c) needs more affection, I went to Amazing Pets to buy a nylon beef flavoured "bone" as an "I'm sorry" to my dog who probably doesn't even remember that he's chewed through 7 pairs and even left one outside the neighbour's house. Not one to waste, the shoes I'm wearing to work these days have got sand crab like holes in the left heel. Zoloft was happily chewing on his bone all night, the shoes were brought into the house and I thought problem solved. A happy dog makes a happy owner.

Unfortunately this morning my Pai Mau @ Brownie decided she wanted Zoloft's bone for herself and promptly took it away from him even though he's twice her size. Poor baby. He looked positively miserable, beseeching me with his sad little face to rescue his only non-shoe chew toy but when it comes to Brownie, there is little that can be done. In my over-sentimental personification of animals, taking the bone away from Brownie would be equivalent to putting her in an Old Dogs' Home. I'm in a catch-22 situation with guilt in both corners.

There is only one thing left to do. Buy another chew toy and try feel less guilty for the rest of today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Driving Pemandu

In my "News Bites" entry below, I flagged the 1Malaysia Email project as a waste of Government funds. Today in the news, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) stated that it was a private venture. Yeah, the way CMS is private right?

Also, it noted the following, "This is an alternative secured mode of communication between the government and the people."

Sorry if I really don't think any form of digital function or medium provided by the government is secure.

I'm trying not to shoot every idea down with venom but there is a deep and widening history of mistrust between Head and State.

Zoloft not working

This morning shoe casualty number 7 greeted me. I went berserk and now I feel guilty and will buy Zoloft a doggy treat later and keep my shoes inside the house in a box from now on cos he just won't learn. Feeling blue.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

News bites

This was never meant to be a political blog but given the trend of late, the creature of change seems to have snuck in through the back door resulting in more and more posts on Government policies. I hold that whilst politics may be the flavour of the day, soon I may come round to blogging about food again.

Briefly, I think the 1Malaysia Email Project is another waste of Government funds and taxpayers' contributions. What 18 year olds need is not an email account but the means to access it. Come to think of it, I don't know of many 18-year olds who have internet access who don't already have an email account, or several for that matter. Why have an email account if you can have In any case, even if an email account is provided for FREE with no hidden charges (which would make it more expensive than gmail, yahoo and hotmail which offer multiple email accounts absolutely FREE) how on earth will Mr Farmer on Kelapa Sawit Plantation access or afford it if the modem, computer and telephone/satelite were not free as well? Economic transformation? No wonder Idris Jala predicted national bankruptcy.

There has been talk of possibly allowing SUPP into the DUN by changing legislation to accomodate nominated members of the DUN in addition to the elected members. I emphatically hope that the Government and Legislative arm make no such move. PBB senator Idris Buang (I am restraining making personal comments on his surname which in English translates as "throw") raised the issue but so far SUPP has been reluctant to consider the option. Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, who also raised the motion to pass the White Paper to which I provided my opinion here and here, said that, “There should not be any “back door” entrance just to accommodate the Chinese community in the Cabinet. The Chinese community has voice out loud and clear that they do not want representative in the government, so we must respect their decision.”

As with the White Paper issue, I'm never quite sure whether this dude is for unity or against it or just doesn't get the point. Yes, it is correct that there should be no back door entrance. I fully agree with that. But what I don't understand is this continual division of race that implies a non-Chinese cannot stand up for a Chinese in Government. I thank him for respecting the decision of the people but I hope his veiled threats are only down to poor reporting from Borneo Post. Pandi Suhaili fares no better stating, “However, it is clear to all of us that the Chinese community only want representatives in the DUN and not in the government. Therefore, all of us should respect their decisions.” Thanks Pandi for respecting our decision but don't make it sound like the Chinese want their own island. Pleaselah there was a reason we left China (if China must be brought into it). Who can we go to for all the ketupat, masak hitam and nasi kerabu then huh?

I understand that Borneo Post is hardly the most reliable of sources, making devils appear to be saviours and painting calvary to look like an occult however, it is worth noting their brief report here if only for information's sake.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A reply

I read a comment in Malaysian Chronicle by one "Rosmah" which I dislike. For whatever reason, I couldn't put my reply up on the site so I'll publish it here. Rosmah's comment followed by my intended reply.

Monday, 18 April 2011 12:27 posted by rosmah says

thank you taib is really laughing all the way to the bank.,.coz he's going to take geroge chan's portion as well..

you sarawakians keep complaining the unjustice and corruption by the BN faggots, but you also failed to unite to vote them out...

If you don't help yourself, how do you think others can help you? Others can only do so much...

Now another 5 years of taib's shit going put on you as his way to say "thank you" for not taking him out...

You sarawakians had the best chance, but failed...

Now you watch what najib and rosmah are going to do on federal level...

all the promises they've made to you during the campaign triail, I bet you that you'll be lucky to get 1% of what's been promised to you!!


"To Rosmah (18 April): Your comment is incredibly ungracious and exposes naivety and lack of understanding of the levels of poverty and inaccessibility to basic rights (such as running water and education) let alone Internet acess many Sarawakians in the interior face. I can only imagine you come from a city in West Malaysia judging from the "you sarawakians" slur. Forget Muhyiddin and his "Levels of poverty in Sarawak is only 3%" which is utter nonsense. The dire lack of many communities is something few see and fewer still can imagine.

In the city we laugh when the government hands out washing machines to try win our favour but there are villages that are still without electricity who are living literally kais pagi makan pagi. Can you blame the uneducated and marginalised for thinking they owe the Government their vote when BN comes with a bag of 50kg of rice for their families? BN needs to buck up and realise that well-informed citizens will not stand to be lied to anymore. PR on the other hand needs to realise that ceramahs and dialogue won't win the interior. Why care for philosophy when your children are starving?

The cities have spoken in case you have not realised, sweeping SUPP as the Peninsular swept Gerakan before and although not 2/3 majority, the Opposition has certainly put a dent in the confidence of BN. However, what is more important is a reformation of policy not the chaotic over-throwing of an entire government. Do you really think that PR is ready to handle the intricacies of Sarawakian politics? There are constituencies that are larger than states in the Peninsular. This is not to say that Sarawak is better, only that unprepared and unsuitable candidates, whether from PR or BN, will be swamped by the poor infrastructure that simply does not correspond to the land mass. If BN continues to weaken, PR will emerge as the sole power which brings us right back to square one.

Ultimately, the election results are positive yet moderately leaning towards a two-party system. Hopefully, in this slightly more challenging playing field, politics in general will take a turn for the better which is what we all want."

Dr M and his cloud

Dr Mahathir is hiding behind a cloud of ignorance. Once our Premier, he now grapples for attention by providing shallow, inaccurate and bandwagon comments that reek of ill will and backward thinking. The Bapa of Malaysia and his 2020 vision didn't foresee 2018 Bankruptcy, submarines that don't sink and people who have started to think for themselves.

Reported by Free Malaysia, I decided to scout out our former PM's blog to verify the audacious statements that clearly reflect the mind of someone who has lost touch with reality.

1) That he has congratulated our current PM (for handing out free Tupperware) is laughable. BN also clearly by Dr M's standards, had "good supporting staff" whereas PR's West Malaysian support were branded dissenters the whole election period.

2) Dr M was trying to be sarcastic when he congratulated DAP for bringing race based politics to Sarawak. Dr M should look in his own backyard. He also thinks that anyone who doesn't agree with him and his precious UMNO is racist by the unifying token that he is Malay. Pleaselah, that's so old school.

3) He thinks that by voting for DAP, the Chinese community are selfish and have rejected multi-culturalism. He says that we have been infected by the virus of Chinese racism. If he continues talking about Chinese racism I'll go learn Mandarin so that I can swear at him with full effect in this clearly racist language. The abyss that is Dr M's detachment from reality, widens.

4) "Chinese who reject DAP are considered non-Chinese by DAP." Please qualify your statement with examples and fact. What about Malays who reject DAP? Or Indians? Or Bidayuhs? Are you saying that they are considered non-Malay/ Indian/ Bidayuh too? That's a bit ridiculous, don't you think?

5) "Malaysia faces a grave danger of being divided into 2 parties." Oh dear, I guess that means the USA, Australia, UK and oh wait,almost every other first world country is squirming in political disaster. We must send Tun Mahathir over to educate them.

6) "Malays in DAP are just window dressing." Dr M is just upset he didn't get an invitation to stand in as window dresser. I wonder what Zeti thinks about this... Dr M is essentially calling her dad a mannequin.

There are other points that follow that threaten to ignite a string of vocabulary usually saved for people who don't signal when changing lanes so I will refrain from commenting any further. Go read it for yourself.

That humdrum feeling

More can be found at Nataliedee

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taking stock

The 10th Sarawak Elections are finally over with Taib being sworn in as CM for another term. Most of my "favourites" including Masing and Talif have managed to wrestle their stay in the next state government however, casualities in the form of SUPP in general and George Chan in particular paid the price of the Reds vs. the Blues. I'm satisfied that at least one-third of the Terrible Three in light of the Rajang issue has been shown the door. Time to unravel the carpet.

BN's victory of 55 seats has come at a cost as the rejection of SUPP by Sarawakians mirrors the rejection of Gerakan in the Peninsular. BN may claim to be Satu Malaysia but they are slowly and surely alienating the Chinese voter.

It really doesn't have to be this way.

BN and SUPP can really, really make use of this opportunity to redeem themselves by fulfilling promises made pre-April 16 regardless of whether one is crowned MP or YB. When will they learn that it is not the title that matters when one's reputation is in tatters already. They can use this chance to be gracious in their loss and learn from mistakes. One does not need to sacrifice political allegiances in order to make a change but in a political culture where MPs are less game yet desire more fame, it seems most BN members will prefer to lick their wounds in hiding and hide their puffed eyes in caves, sulking in injured pride until the next Election when they emerge in droves and make false promises again.

I really hope the Sims of SUPP keep to their word. I'm sure even the government would sooner bring their plans to fruition even though they lost by significant margins, to be used as ammo in the Parliamentary elections than assist the Opposition who virtually swept clean the city seats. Kudos to PR and special mention goes to Chong Junior, who despite approximately 4,000 reported pro-BN votes set against him, emerged the victor against Alfred Yap with whom I have no love lost. Also kudos to Batu Lintang voters who did not swallow hook line and sinker, BN's threats that electing Chee How who is from the PKR @ Keadilan faction of PR was tantamount to inviting an Islamic state into Sarawak.

For me personally, the shock of success from a united democratic voice is still reverberating. We actually have the two legal front-runners for Native and Human Rights now sitting in the DUN in the form of Baru Bian and Chee How together with a host of other lawyers from Kuching to Miri. That's huge. That is the best present we have given to our rainforest and her inhabitants. The law has been made a fool of and mucked up in so many places but perhaps now its dignity can be restored and people's trust in it renewed. Real representation. Real chance. Real protection. None of this "We are helping you develop your land so too bad so sad if your Rajang dries up." 

The bittersweet smell of having ousted the playground bully has left a vacuum in playground politics and for Kuching especially, I really hope DAP lives up to its call of change and continues to stand in the face of stifling oppression from the government. Many fear that the government will now come down hard on Sarawak's cities as backlash against the cities' retaliation of back-handed cronyism namely, on the Chinese community. I hope that the governement wouldn't. Not because I'm afraid (one can sufficiently survive on yams) but because against, as I mentioned above, this will be a good time for the government to rethink its employment of accepted corruption and execution of policies. This will be the time not to step into the slew of mistakes acted and reenacted by Gerakan in the aftermath of their defeat. I do know however, that yes men know no other way to behave accept to meekly subject themselves to the powers that be even if it means surrendering themselves for extinction. The cheerful pessimist in me is nevertheless braced for the worst.

I hope that PR collectively takes from this outcome, not just the relief of knowing the cities are won, but knowledge and experience to convince the rural areas. They are not going to be persuaded by rhetoric they don't understand or by quoting Auden.

Incidentally as a literature enthusiast I MUST tell you that at BDC on 15 April 2011, Anwar quoted, "Things fall apart;the centre cannot hold" as a phrase from Auden when it's a phrase from one of WB Yeats' more famous poems, The Second Coming, which I studied for A-Levels.

Just because they are less educated does not mean their vote counts less. This is democracy. Different issues to be tackled. Different goals. Different tactics. Different priorities. Different game plan. Let the brain storming begin.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today's the day

If you're reading this, are a registered voter for Sarawak and have time to get to your polling station, please go. For whichever party it is you think should be at the helm, please vote. If you are not registered for this Stae Elections, please ensure you register for the Parliamentary one.

Friday, April 15, 2011

PTP - Points to ponder

The battle is at its climax and to use a wrong quantifying term, is massively exciting (massive actually refers to tangible mass fyi). Campaigning ends at 12 midnight and tomorrow sombre polling will take place. The crowd at BDC was the biggest I've ever seen at a ceramah to date yet I hear crowds in Miri are on average  10,000 strong. For those who know Kuching geography, people were parking as far as Hijau to be at the talk in fron of Stampark. DAP ran out of Ubah, the hornbill mascot, 3 days ago. My good intentions to go to a BN ceramah simply couldn't materialize as sure-fire rounds of Opposition ceramahs filled the Schedule. Let it be known that there were actually times I went to bed smelling of smoke, without first taking a shower.

Some thoughts on parties, policy and people before this gets wrapped up tomorrow.

RPK - Don't knock the SD until you have actually read it here else you'll just be part of the rumour mill
Raja Petra Kamaruddin @ RPK - the infamous blogger hailed as the defiant underdog is now made to look like he is cowering away in Perth. Sporting a French beret cap from the safety of Australia, he shoots down de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim for lying to him and retracts his Statutory Declaration implicating our current PM and wife in the murder of Mongolian model, Altantuya. Several things come to mind instantly. People who retract SDs should not be trusted and RPK's ostentatious beachy life has been paid for under the table, but that would clearly be jumping to conclusions.

On the other hand, when was the interview? And why release it now at the peak of war? Have we forgotten that special trip to Taiwan or do we like dogs, retch and then return to our vomit and wonder why we're being treated like dogs? Report here and here.

Just to make things clear, if you read the SD carefully, he never said that our dear PM's wife was present when Altantuya was blown up. He said he was reliably informed hence he never retracted his SD and has not contradicted himself. Naturally pro-Government institutions would choose to leave "unnecessary" words out, right?

Blaming Islam
BN's attempts at creating fear of Islamization is clear from their election banners. One reads "Say no to Islamic State" implying that if Sarawak voted for the Opposition, it would be turned into an Islamic State. Pity BN didn't consult lawmaker Ibrahim Ali first. Since he's SO SMART and all. See just how smart here. Just to recap, Sarawak will never be an Islamic State under the tiny piece of paper known as the Constitution and secondly, Islam is not the issue. I've blogged briefly on this before here. Should I ever get the chance to attend a Government sponsored event, let's just see how the organisers feel when I start brandishing my wushu sword around.

Pai Mau @ Taib @ White Fur
Thinking absently about the content of the DAP ceramahs this week, I was looking at my dog Brownie today. Incidentally she is white and fierce and hugely protective of her territory even though she is aging. My other dog Zoloft is twice her size but is scared of her as she terrorized him since he was a young 'un. To my alarm, I thought dear, old Brownie could be the literal Pai Mau of my home's doggy world.

Padungan, Pending & Progress
I watched Sim Kiang Chiok (BN) on the news last night where he was sharing his game plan to help Padungan prosper. Dr Sim Kui Hian (BN) for Pending also revealed his proposal for a Health Metropolis in Kuching. If these two can actually bring about 80% of their plans, it will be a good step forward indeed. It is especially refreshing to read that Dr Sim intends to invest in talent and intellect, which is a step out of the box for any BN candidate. However, amidst the promise of progress and infrastructure, I want to know, will this project be an open tender or another opportunity to fill bursting wallets? I wonder if the Sims thought about that.

I also want to know what Dominique Ng can claim as his legacy in Padungan. He only seems fond of having his name in print.

Fighting Factions
Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler all had to exert themselves to counter the tension arising naturally from forming Coalitions. Sadaam had to suppress racial riots because political lines were carelessly drawn by the West. The Dude who built the Great Wall of China had his share of problems keeping the real Middle Earth (sorry Tolkien :p) together. In a way we have to be grateful that with the exception of May 13, we have lived largely in peace with each other and some credit has to go to the Government because of that.

Last night Anwar mentioned that there were arguments within the Opposition Coalition because there were a lot of dynamic and opinionated people in the group. We know this for a fact. The West Malaysian combination of Anwar, Kit Siang, Karpal, Tok Aziz and Guan Eng would create a combustion worthy of Einstein. However, iron sharpens iron as the tried and tested adage goes and debate is a good way to keep mental faculties in check to expose loopholes and defect of opinion which one may not notice otherwise. The presence of debate does not mean the absence of unity. The Government however harps on this 'faction fighting' by saying that a bickering Coalition is an unstable one and has amongst its election posters stated that although they (the Governement) appear to fight each other, they are united for the people. I verily belief this to be bullshit crap untrue. The Chinese Ministers that supposedly represent me make me glad to be a banana that I may distance myself from their stereotype as far as possible. The only thing we have in common is pork and minyak kapak.

Race & Religion
I blame our Constitution for holding that every Malay has to be Muslim. I am not saying that Malays are unwilling Muslims; not at all. But the refusal of accepting that Malays are allowed to hold different beliefs is restricting human rights at its highest level. That is also the unfortunate basis for many race and religion based politics and policies and also the reason why the population of Malays ties in so heavily with the population of Muslims. Imagine if the constitution were to say that to be Chinese is to be Buddhist; Indian - Hindu; Iban - Polytheist; Kwai lo/ Ang Mo - Christian. Imagine the Hindu equivalent of JAKIM assaulting an Indian for eating a Big Mac or imagine an Iban beheaded for choosing to worship one God instead of 20.

It is one thing for there to be a natural religious trend ie in Ireland where the North is Protestant and the South is Catholic, but to have it enshrined in Constitution is a mockery of human rights. What if the Constitution were to say every Melanau woman has to go through gental mutilation or that every Kayan male has to wear loincloth only? It is as offensive as that.

Bad Drivers
Whichever team makes Governement tomorrow, I doubt they'll be able to eradicate assholes drivers who don't signal when they turn into another lane or as in last night's encounter, some [insert expletive referring to regressed imbecile] who dared (expletive) HONK at me when HE was (expletive) driving the wrong way on the wrong lane. I promptly ignored his numerous honks at which he decided to come over and rap at my window to ask me to move my car WITHOUT EVEN (swear x1000000) saying "Please." I automatically shouted an F-word after him. QKXxxxx, I have my eye on your sorry Waja arse. URGH!

Reformation from Within

Dr Sim believes in reformation from within.

1) He doesn't know the meaning of the word "Reformation."
2) He doesn't know that you can't fill old wineskins with new wine.
3) He has been in Australia too long.
4) He is using his heart too much at the expense of his head.
5) He has not spoken to George Chan.
6) He is gullible enough to believe George Chan.
7) He thinks a BBQ can bring about reformation (from within mah).

This is said tongue-in-cheek. Unless he changes lanes without signalling.

Eng eng liaw...

Not yet win but already threatening. Typical. *rolls eyes*

The right way to mark your ballot


Tupperware Queen

An article from malaysian Chronicle worth reading:-


For those of you going to vote on 16 April 2011, please bring along an eraser to remove any suspicious (or any at all) pencil marks from your ballot paper. ESPECIALLY if the officer at the polling booth was the one who made a mark/ number/ alphabet/ squiggle on it. Marked ballots will be forfeited when the ballots are being tallied.

Let your vote count.

Two-Party System

It is unfortunate and a pity that Lim Guan Eng was not as good an orator as anticipated. He certainly said the most things to which I raised my eyebrows ala permanent botox, of all the PR rally speakers this year. Or maybe I should rephrase that and say of all the English/Malay speaking rally speakers this year (for dire lack of Chinese vocabulary knowledge I refrain from commenting on Chinese speech content).

There were ocassions when I wondered if all parties had just completely lost any sense of dignity or propriety in this Election Fiesta. It is nevertheless a source of good fun within all seriousness for Sarawakians. You get free burgers from BN and listen to Chinese poetry from DAP. Free tupperware from BN and "Nobody but you" fashioned as Taib parodies. For those of you not in Sarawak or to those who are but have never yet been to a ceramah, that's an idea of the tidbits you receive depending on which rally you attend. In short, freebies = BN; satirical entertainment = DAP.

LGE mentioned a two-party system. I can only imagine that he meant a Parliamentary shadow system similar to the UK whereby Ministers appointed to a post have a Minister from the Opposition party shadowing them, to keep accountable the system of checks and balances. He also mentioned that Dr Sim (SUPP candidate for pending running against DAP's Violet Yong) should go back to the hospital where he belongs. I think that's very unclassy of him to say, not least because Dr Sim has proven his professional worth and is by far one of the more proactive SUPP members in this generation.

Dare I dream of a day when BN wins yet allows DAP Gobind Singh to be Law Minister? Or the day where an SUPP candidate is invited and agrees to work together with a DAP incumbent? Or the day Mahathir honours Karpal as a national hero. That is true accountability. That is politics for the betterment of State, Country and people.

I agree that we should deny BN 2/3 majority in this election, not because I have absolute faith in PR but because it will keep both parties on their toes. BN will hopefully buck up and rethink their silver spoon policy and PR will have a chance to improve on the mundane everyday implementation and execution skills required for the running of a State as large as Sarawak.

Even though sarcasm is their forte West Malaysian DAP speakers need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. They've mentioned Taib and George being "crocodiles" one too many times and I'm alarmingly starting to feel a semblance of pity for Taib by virtue of the fact that as a Sarawakian I'm really proud of our Bujang Senang heritage (legendary crocodile who lived in the Rajang river, ate watches, people and according to reports had a tree growing out of his head).

A lot of talk has been heard about the difference between transformation and change. SUPP are saying that the current has a good base and just needs to be transformed (the tree is dry but if you water it, it will live again) whereas PR is saying that the tree is the source of all evil and should be pulled out at the roots and a new tree planted. I think maybe some grafting is required.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Reiterating my previous sentiments about the ISA and Sedition Act, cartoonist Zunar was arrested last year for the following pictures that depict questions we have yet to receive answers to from the ruling Government. Some of his books have also been banned under section 7 of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 and according to Malaysian Digest, the Court will hear the application to challenge that ban on 27 April 2011.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To the pure...

Editor's note: ISA stands for Internal Security Act 1960 which has been the bane of free speech in Malaysia.

To the pure all thing are pure
Though minds may dream in sin and lore
What was white is now called black
And all the things you hide from fact
Of all the rubbish you had to pick
 The one on faith just takes the mick
You stand and pray in crowds of ten
You see not the poor that have no fence

The river has run dry as flour
You stand and cheer "No more flood ah!"
The jungle is shorn, stubbled mud
Your tractors humiliate her barren shroud
"Education is key!" you cry
Yet the history of truth you dare deny
More catholic that the Pope you are
Did your religion get you far?
You give your faith a stinking name
You reduce it to the angry flames
Not just leading us astray
You lead your people off the way
Do you think your God will stand
To watch people suffer in vain?
Do you find the fatherless
Or wait until they scream and curse?
Do your scales speak of justice true
Or represent the cries til blue?
Will your people even care
After this Election Day?

You do have a burden great
Because you do not delegate
Your ministers have brains of dust
That only care for pomp and fuss
We say you're like peas in pod
You shut out speakers with the rod
We say that you have over-reached
You put us down in chambers deep
How long will this circus carry on
With our dignity come and gone?

Yes, there have been roads and tar
The ground to Sibu's up to par
Yes, we've had our share of pie
Things looking good with KPI
Land is turned into progress
Gold, oil and natural gas
Now we have Satelite
International football, soon, dynamite
Can we trust in SCORE for energy
Or is our hope misplaced misery?
But what's the point of giving us more
When what we deserve is all
What's the point of Bakun Dam
When people are displaced time again
What's the point of Halal Hub
When it's a sin to eat kebab
What of children who go to school
And get told they're pendatang too
Why not tell the people straight
Instead of thinking we will break
Why fear we will run away
Unless you know anyway

Keep your quotas and APs
That is not what makes us so angry
Keep your kuncus and projects 
If you think that you are the best
If your pals are quality
Please keep the monopoly
If your people buy with fair price
Please buy the land to build sky rise
But cars break down
And roads have holes
Trees are shredded
For what? No bridges mended
History is farce
And language is crass
Strait As is the min
But money only cukup muat Milo tin

To be only entertaining when ridiculed
The Government must feel minisculed
But all's not at an end if they simply act
And don't pretend to be part of a pack
Sincerity is easy to say
But implementation, have you thought of a way?
When the flags are down and posters thrown
Will the Government remember the promises borne?
I'm afraid they will not as they attempt
To rewrite history as they fall further from grace.


Just so you know, I don't talk about politics all the time but it's Election Season in Sarawak and come April 16th, this will be over til the Parliamentry elections sometime next year.

Blurring the lines

Despite everything said on this blog, I honestly remain undecided as to who I should mark my X next to, when the rubber hits the road. Blame it on my personal racial crisis. I've said many times before, that as a 'banana' few things Chinese interest me (pork and all things related to food is a major exception to this rule yum yum). I don't agree with the patriachal system, ancesteral veneration or in allowing elders the authority to dictate what I can and cannot think, say or do, the epitome, in principle, of what many traditionalist Chinese will call bo ka si (no manners). As a result, I feel very little affiliation for parties, people or institutions which society tells us Chinese people should naturally feel inclined to and so when SUPP tells me that I will not get any Chinese representation if I do not vote for them, it creates a little more than a nudge in my conscience. If anything, it annoys me to no end and exposes their own deep-rooted racist indications.

Sometimes I wonder why SUPP continues aligning itself with BN. Maybe I'm foolish or gullible but there are SUPP members who baffle me. SUPP members I know who (at least in my opinion) have the integrity and balls to revive this party. There are people in SUPP who are actually nice! Unfortunately, the party continues to exude "narrow-minded old man" syndromme thanks to Ali Baba and his 40 thieves and I'm left wondering whether these dynamic members are left out or leave themselves out by choice, which ultimately defeats the purpose of joining a party in the first place. I can only imagine, with much disappointment, that guarantees of government work and personal gain are at the heart of it. What happened to the spirit of the Chinese Warlord who sacrifices in the name of honour or are all these movies of noble kung fu masters merely tales spun out of clouds and air? Maybe the Chinese Warlord got fat on good food and couldn't get on his horse anymore, thereby spinning in a downward spiral of gluttony and spiteful retaliation on others who are light enough to gallop ahead.

DAP is doing better for itself in that it garners and utilizes talent. It shows us the difference that can come when one chooses merit as a spur over silver spoons. Take the rallies as a simple, current and undeniable factual example. For all Borneo Post's puffery to boost the image of BN in Sarawak this week, they could only admit that a few hundred attended BN's debates. It wouldn't be surpising if the number were circa 200 instead of 800 as they would like to make us believe. Even then, people were ferried in with buses probably paid for with State money. Photos are cropped to make it look like our PM is surrounded by throes of supporters, but taken from a wide angle, the dismal turnout is glaringly obvious. We then look at DAP crowds in their thousands, whichever angle you try photo it, which spill into roads. Cars are parked along main streets and 4x4s line the pavements when there is no space left on the road. There are no seats offered by DAP. No bottled water or burgers, no cemented floor, not even shelter but people come and they listen and they stand huddled under umbrellas.

Merit builds us as a society. Merit forces us to take action whether it is to open a business or make the trek to listen to a speaker for 4 hours standing up. Merit enlarges our capacity to grow, to think and to decide and discern and promotes healthy competition as our reasoning is strengthened by being tested. It weeds out people who "look" the part and gives them to people who follow through. If iron sharpens iron, then I won't be surprised if BN's governing core is more slushy than a jam-filled doughnut.

Maybe it's just the banana in me talking but if SUPP/BN and DAP/PR truly and honestly claim to be multi-racial (even though it comes wrapped in a Ming-Ching package), they would talk about issues across the board. It's understandable that us cityfolk are more concerned about traffic jams and sending kids to University but I wish people in the cities would care about what's going on in the rural areas. They demand tertiery education for their children but who gives a damn about the Penan children sexually oppressed and abused by logging companies? Ibrahim Ali will probably say something disgusting to the effect of Penan women need the money anyway and the loggers are doing them a service.

I want to see politicians making urbanites aware that the river is drying up and that soon your Starbucks coffee cup is going to cost more than the coffee because of the degridation of forest that is happening. I want politicians to say they will create hamlets as pockets of trade in the rural areas. I want significant acres of land to be sectioned off as constitutionally off-limits for any sort of development. I would say Federal land but we all know that you put the word "Federal" in front of it and BN will think it's theirs to turn into a political playground.

I used to think that keeping Taib around was the only way we could keep UMNO out. But a democracy by the very definition of its word should not centre around one man. If the people say no, who is the Government to deny the voice that they supposedly represent? This is not a parent-child relationship neither is it master-servant. I don't see SUPP as evil. What I see is that SUPP lack the backbone and guts and honour to oust Taib and George Chan. To say to James Masing and Datu Len Talif, "Shut up!!" To do some spring cleaning and get rid of that hideous giant carpet sitting on the SUPP living room floor.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yapping away

The Borneo Post, these days known more as BN's footstool, had this to report about Kota Sentosa BN candidate, Alfred Yap and I quote:-
"Meanwhile, BN-SUPP Kota Sentosa candidate Datuk Alfred Yap said all SUPP candidates in predominantly Chinese areas had the proper channel to fight for the interest of the communities.

“We can bring your voice to the prime minister for as long as your requests are reasonable.”

The SUPP information and publicity secretary said he did receive requests for free land lease renewal but he added: “Income must be there to run a state or a nation, so it is kind of impossible to have it for free.”

SUPP has long had a habit of guarding its own ass so don't waste time saying that you'll fight for communities. "As long as your requests are reasonable" irks me to no end as does "it is kind of impossible to have [free land lease renewal] for free." So your sifu can have it for free but we can't?
Read full report here. There's also some stuff about Prof Sim in it.
On another note, I read somewhere that SUPP is of the opinion that not having them (SUPP) in the DUN means that the Chinese lose out on representation in the State. Since when did the Chinese only represent the Chinese?????? Threats like those make me ill and reenforces BN's racial hypocrisy.

Autobots transform!

In the echelons of Cyberjaya Putrajaya Cybertron, two groups are waiting in the luch to get their hands on the All Sarawak Spark, the life giving entity that will fuel the economy and bring peace, structure and well-being to the planet. The gleaming white Pek Moh Megatron is poised and ready for battle. He is confident. After all, the Transformers Decepticons far outnumber the Autobots in rank and file. He sends out his Commander [insert relevant Party here] Starscream to scout the area. Citizens of Cybertron are quizzed.

"Why don't you want to be a slave under Megatron forever???!!!!!???" screeches Starscream. "Don't you know that Megatron is looking after you??? Don't you know that the Autobots are weak and pathetic because they care for the weakling and the dispensable. Don't you know that if all Cybertron effort goes to supportng the weak, that we will not progressssssssss. We will not move forward!!! We will lose our vision!!!!!"


Change seems to be the main course on offer this year. Transformation. Restoration. Retribution. Status Quo. Main course, you say? But how can it be filling for like the wind, change is not tangible. I would go so far to say that it is not change that we want, but a solution. If I am hot, I want to be cooled down, whether by wind, air-conditioning, fan or suddenly finding myself in Antartica. The circumstance of obtaining or achieving what I currently lack, could be called 'change' but other than that, change in and of itself offers only the potential of altering circumstances but provides no mode or medium for doing so. As one knows when the wind is blowing, so we know when change has happened or is happening. Though change cannot be tangible, distinguishing patterns of facts and figures can show us that it is or has occured.

Both major parties this year are promising change on a platter. It basically means until the ground is broken or until it has been proven that the ground is being broken in whatever capacity individuals may impact the political landscape, what is on offer is only hot air to make some large brightly-coloured, canvassed teardrop look good in the sky.


In a recent DAP rally, one of the speakers likened the number "1" to a single rocket shooting up into the sky and the number "11" to twin rockets doing likewise. I wonder if DAP will be taking advantage of today's auspicious date loosely translated as "Rocket for Rocket."

Loyarburok may hardly be a league of gentlemen but at least they're extraordinary; Aston Paiva in particular is my kind of brutal.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ubah of a feather...

The first time I saw this poster on a leaflet, I thought it was an advertisement for polo tees; for Hush Puppy polo tees to be exact. The pastels must mean something but I'm not sure what.

 WKW will be facing ex-party member Dominique Ng in a 3-man fight. I hope he will be a more controlled and gracious representative than Dom. Less verbal diarrhoea and headless chicken exercises will hopefully mean lower legal costs which the constituency is expected to cough up.

 CCJ is affable but is he astute?

Ubah the hornbill mascot

I spied this nugget in MJC, Batu Kawa
DAP not sending anyone to Batu Lintang as the Opposition Coalition have got PKR to cover it

The Pack

SUPP; the Team may want transformation but with George Chan at the helm, the only change I fear we will see is a new giant carpet.

 Batu Kawah ready to rumble

 According to news, Kota Sentosa is being given a helping hand with 3,000 postal votes. There must be better ways to emasculate a man.

 One of the more creative billboards this election.

Love or hate, this isn't the right way to get down.

Is this an admission of jungle rule?

Don't slack

DAP usually turns out a good crowd at their rallies which translate at the polls. However, although tipped to win several seats at this year's elections, I would like to add a word of advice to Ms Chiew, standing to represent Batu Kawa; considering she's my age, I hope I don't come across as an Ah Mu when I say that it is not correct political etiquette and by no means of any help to herself to be seated at the same table yet ignore people who go to hear your Party rally. If I were a disgruntled, fence-sitting, Batu Kawa constituent, her obvious lack of interpersonal know-how would have scored her an own goal for the other party. It's all very well and good that you've given up doing a phD to campaign for a higher cause but what does that mean to me as the voter when you look me in the eye and say nothing? What's more interesting is that she claims to have been the assistant to Violet Yong, DAP's representative in Pending who gets top marks for relational skills.

I cruised into different constituencies with my camera to catch the colourful posters around town and popped into Desa Wira to check if 'my' horses were around. The most obvious thing that caught my eye were the rows of BN flags that lined, not just streets but houses and stalls as well and I couldn't help but wonder whether Ms Chiew knows that there are dirt poor people living in the literal slums of her constituency. I wonder if she has even seen the state of the houses or driven on the roads. Has she seen the kids play muddied football in the after effects of the rain or spoken to the Ramly Burger stall owner?

As a banana I remain partyless because I don't identify with any party, cute mascot or otherwise. This includes DAP and if I were a Batu Kawa voter, I don't see how my supposed MP identifies with me. If I can't identify with a Chinese MP, how much less the Malays in the Settlement Areas? The incumbent may be Chinese as well but at least he belongs to a party that screams Malay supremacy even though it is done at the cost of the people they claim to protect; people who continue to vote and stand beind them because of the need to identify and create an identity

Having said all that, she did finally lean across the table to greet me, about 15 minutes later. It could have been 15 minutes too late.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sum consideration

Pek Moh @ Pai Mau @ Taib Mahmud @ current Chief Minister has certainly over-and-out-stayed his welcome. He's still however around, either by some secret power struggle or just plain secret, or should I say secret(S) between himself and our Prime Minister or BN has truly lost touch with reality by allowing him to contest despite obvious grassroots sentiments. Then again, what do I know about the struggles kampung people go through? Despite the unaccounted for corruption and cronyism, will it be fair to say that life in the rural areas has actually become more livable albeit gradually?

The Coalition rightly wants to rid Sarawak of our malignant parasitic tumour and as heartened as I am to stand in solidarity, I have yet to hear or read, with the exception of calling for an Inquiry over Taib's Land Grabs, that they will fight TO implement XYZ for the people. I didn't hear that schools will be painted, roads with bowling ball size potholes have been identified or that people would be fired. My maths may be laughable but considering the ratio of Penang and Selangor, it is a poor comparison to assume that the exact same measures can be implemented in Sarawak. We have trees people have never heard of, land that has never been trodden upon, rivers that stop for no bridge and culture that extend beyong Ali, Ah Chong and Muthusamy.

It is great that we can stand shoulder to shoulder to fight for democracy and for "change" despite perhaps yet unseen ulterior motives and no matter how insidious the human heart is, however, I want to know if after facing the squall, whether Sarawak will have a boat to sail home on, or whether after the storm, the sharks will come feed on unprotected schools of fodder.

This week I will ask the following questions and see if I get any answers:-

1) What do they plan to do for squatters living in Batu Kawa?
2) How do they plan to buffer and improve economy in the cities?
3) What do they think of Prof Dr Sim's proposals in his manifesto?
4) How will they combat Swinburne's students effectively paying the Government for parking within the grounds of an academic institution (read here)? The next thing you know, I'll be paying the Government when I park within my own church grounds!
5) Can the Coalition outline 5 infrastructural plans for cities and the rural areas respectively, to be commenced before the end of 2011?
6) Will the Coalition with its many lawyers seek to engage and overhaul the Sarawak Bar? Just read for yourself (here) the mettle of our West Malaysian counterparts.
7) What will the Coalition do about the Bakun Dam and the other proposed mega dams to be built?
8) Will Ubah (Change) the DAP's mascot be its perpetual representative? Afterall, if the reforming church is always reforming, any form of institution should also be ever changing. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for soft toys.

If you think I'm wordy...

If you're Malaysian, interested in what the Government is doing with our taxes, want reasoned argument and don't mind reading, do check out this blog:

For those wanting to read up on whether BN has changed/ is changing or smell like old meat in Tupperware in particular, do read this:-

Muhyiddin's big trap

Every frickin time I try to give BN the benefit of the doubt, some idiot goes out of his way to prove me wrong. Either Muhyiddin failed in percentages back in school or he's an idiot worthy of the pinata treatment since he thinks Sarawak's poverty line has been reduced to only 3%!!!!!!!!!!!

Please save us from ignoramous know-nothings. Report from the Star here and a longer one from Bernama here.

Friday, April 08, 2011


Professor Dr Sim something something has a relevant manifesto. And a decent website at His self-drafted "report card" seems too much like a political ploy though, most of which involve drain fixing. If this were down to purely sentimental voting, he might actually have this anak bumi Kenyalang's one (remember, assuming this is strictly sentimental) since his father's bouganvilla-fenced house was "the house on the hill" that was far (yet near) enough for a 9-year old to walk to when she wanted to play "go on an adventure" or "run away from home." Though home is somewhere else now, Kenyalang duck rice and apam balik at 7 on a Saturday morning still carries the essence of community.

I don't think the Professor is a bad guy. He just happens to be on the wrong team.

Independent blunder

Hibiscus sporting, ex-PKR Dominique Ng is standing against DAP specifically and the Opposition Coalition in general (also against BN obviouslah isn't it?) as an indepedent candidate. There have been mixed opinions about this strategy, some woefully declaring that his action has singlehandedly presented BN with the Padungan seat whilst others are of the view that as incumbent, he should have been allowed to stand for PKR against BN and not be sacrificed through Coalition compromise. I choose to rely on his blog and namely, this interesting excerpt:-

Ng stressed that of the three, he is in a position to win based on his incumbency and his track record in the constituency over the past 20 years. “You must understand that I am the incumbent. Wong is still very young, plenty of opportunity to field him as a candidate in the future,” he said.

Sounds to me like Dominique Ng, George Chan and Taib Mahmud are rocking in the same boat; some people never know when to quit while they're ahead. If Padungan is lost to BN I know whose house to send the sacrificial scapegoat to.

No one does stupid as Stupid does

Edit: apparently some of the links are no longer active. Hmmm, interesting....

Some of these links here open a tiny doorway to the tenacity of the Malaysian brain; to those who create stupidity beyond stupid and to the rest of us who rally forward in spite of the nonsense raining all around us.

1) Wives... living dildos:-

2) English... a cultural killer:-

3) With PR we'll end up "like Greece" (but with BN we'll go bankrupt by 2018):-

4) Malaysians say the darndest things:-

Some points I just have to highlight.

Q: What do you think of poverty in Malaysia?
A: Poverty in Malaysia is not as bad as reported. Under the BN government, we have less poor people than Somalia

Q: How about the rising level of crime?
A: Well, let’s look at it this way, we have crime for sure. But under the BN government, it is still not as bad as the crime levels in Iraq, where ordinary citizens get kidnapped everyday.

5) Looks like corruption, smells like corruption, but it's not corruption:-

6) Legitimizing porn whilst Islamizing the state; someone doesn't know which end to believe in:-

Lord, help us....

Thursday, April 07, 2011

And they're on!

Driving home yesterday evening, I couldn't help but notice that the city landscaped had changed within a few hours. Like balloons being put up to signal a party, the appearance of rockets, scales, fishtails and coloured billboards has increased the momentum of rousing excitement in Sarawak. Pictures to follow. Definitely photoshopped all around. For 2 nights this week the Opposition has already held talks, propounding manifestos and shooting down the current state assemblymen. I forgot to ask people who went if deep fried "Bishop's noses" or "Chicken butts" or gizzard or liver were thrown in. I would be more tempted to listen if my stomach were sated first.

Hearsay tells me that Gobind Singh was at 101 Premier last night rubbing shoulders with the locals and that he speaks a smattering of Hokkien.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Blood sacrifice

Everytime something goes wrong in Sarawak and the feelings of the indigenous are involved, Masing and Jabu and a bunch of hokies will end up piously sacrificing pigs, chickens and their own people's livelihoods in order to appease the Iban gods people. Naturally such acts of morality will end up on the front page of the local newspaper together with a shopping list of just how much they spent to purchase the porkchop when firstly, the pig was probably lame and unfit for sacrifice anyway and secondly, they probably made a killing (pun intended) snatching stealing hoodwinking fraudulently purchasing the "unclean" gimp from a poor farmer who could barely afford to keep the thing let alone sell it.

They slip dollar bills under the doorway as acts of kindness and rob people of land worth a million time fold. They smile for the cameras to shake the hands that they secretly squirm to hold. They identify by race but have forgotten their roots. They say they are acting in the people's best interest but turn a blind eye when the rainforest comes wrapped in a pink bow with trimmings.

They really think that sacrificing the blood of lambs and goats is sufficient when they use their Jimmy Choo equivalents to trample on the blood of the living God who watches silently and seems to not act yet only because he holds time in his hands. As they suffocate chickens by strangulation, they think they can suffocate the one who gave them life. I wonder if they secretly wonder if they would be in a much better place if nosy Christians didn't harp on their Bible so much (it's just a series of alphabets as Dawkins would say; by the way, based on Dawkins' own definition, he doesn't exist - stupid really, trying to disprove your existance) but when non-Muslims ask rhetorical questions about Islam or the Q'uran, the infamous keris come flying up in the air and Malay Supremacy is preached. I can scream til I'm blue and green in the face but they have a wonderful knack for not understanding (like blocks of wood).


They sweet talk and candy coat yet in the same breath threaten Sarawak with supposed "Islamization" more than any other state. Islam isn't the heart of the matter. Muslims aren't the problem. UMNO is.

In Sarawak we have seen our other East Malaysian neighbour politically, socially and economically torn assunder and plagued by the ill-wind and blatant idiocy of this faction of the ruling party. Unity is riding on the fleeing breeze that used to be Sabah and her people can only try remember a better time as it slips through their fingers. That is what every Sarawakian dreads. It is not the influx of mee jawa, halal hubs, masak merah or ketupat, baju kurung, Siti Nurhaliza or whatever it is they think the non-Muslims dislike. It is the atrocity of being ruled at state level, much closer to home, by a faction that could rival Pooh Bear and Humpty Dumpty in smarts.

Rejang river logjam, corrupt Customs, PROPOSED PORNOGRAPHY SCREENING IN PARLIAMENT (another rant must follow suit), skewered APs and incompetent incumbrats incumbents aside, this article may not have been written if the roads were simply maintained and street lights working. Think about it.

Today is nomination day for the state of Sarawak. Looking forward to a knowledge-based, forward-thinking, trustworthy new State Assembly on 16 April 2011.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Something for the pedant

Is it proper to take instructions or to take instruction?

Taking "instruction/s" in this situation being taking directions from a superior or client as opposed to receiving lessons/ guidance/ mentoring.

I am more prone to the former but will it be for the greater good if I make someone change a 19-page document because of a letter 's'?