Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toxic detox

Culprit: Juvanex When: 2 sachets with breakfast and lunch/dinner respectively
Detox Buddy: TTY who FFK
Dietary adjustments made: nil (had the usual suspects: garlic bread, nuggets, pizza, coke, shandy, fatty duck, noodles, rice, custard buns, seafood, kitkat, coffee, tea...)
Lifestyle adjustments made: nil (went for jogs/ shopping/ work as usual)
Results:- see bottom of page

Day 1
Mild headache - what's new?
Mild dizziness - this is new
Heart palpitations - psychosomatic?
Rumbly tummy or intestines or pancreas... do pancreases rumble?
No spectacular toilet acrobatics and did not pee like cow contrary to warnings
General tiredness
Slept by 9.30pm

Day 2
Mild to moderate headache throughout the day
Aching joints
Throbbing jugular
Going through similar sensations akin to the eve of a migraine attack
Dry mouth
More than average tiredness during the day until adrenaline kicked in when deadlines approached
Jelly thighs - no joke; my usually hard as rock thighs felt like a lumpy mattress (flyer says it's cos toxins are being transported by my lymphatic system yatta yatta)
Big dump
Slept at 1.30am

Day 3
More energized that usual in the morning (considering it was a Saturday)
Big dump
No more nausea or headache
Does skin look clearer? Maybe it's a placebo effect
Maybe peeing slightly more than usual
Weighed myself - same weight
Slept at 2.00am

Day 4
I think my face alone is producing more oil than Spain
Friends say I look "sunburnt"
Big dump

Day 5
Woke up with headache going at 3.1 on the Richter scale
General tiredness
Constricted chest

Day 6
Nothing not even a peep squeak except the usual business in the loo. Either Juvanex has given up on my dire intestinal battlefield or there's nothing left to clean out. Still don't feel very clean though.

Day 7
Zit breakout
General tiredness - nothing new
Am more interested in a scab on my nose which I keep peeling...

Weight loss: nil
Energy levels: fluctuating
Did it work? I suppose only an endoscopy can tell...

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