Monday, March 07, 2011

Optical illusion

Woke up with a great stonking headache and leg cramps after waking up in sweat over dreams that I was about to be kidnapped by 4 people because my car door wouldn't lock. Moral of the dream: NEVER LET ANYONE BACK YOU INTO A CORNER PRETENDING TO PROTECT YOU FROM A VAGRANT ON THE OTHER SIDE BECAUSE THE VAGRANT IS PART OF THE PLAN!!!

Going to get my first pair of contacts this week. At my optic check up last night (Forgive me Doctor for I have sinned, my last optic check up was over a year ago) I was told my left eye had deteriorated by 100 points and my right eye had improved by 50 points. my astigmatism had increased by 50 points each eye. Was also told my left eye had "no power" which was enough to send me straight into the arms of Bing, Bambini and Chai Latte.

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