Sunday, March 27, 2011

Load it up

According to The Star, our Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin who is also Chairman of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) has said that said members should spread the word of the dramatic reduction in crime rates to assure the public that Malaysia is a SAFE country.

I wasn't sure whether to fall off my chair laughing or spit at the article.

  • Bibles are confiscated unlawfully but hey it's legal because OUR GOVERNMENT thinks the Malay people are too ignorant to decide for themselves.
  • The Government also thinks only Malay people speak Malay while they accuse the non-Malays of failing to berpatuh dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan, both allegations of which are UNTRUE. I believe the word is fitnah.
  • Valentine's Day is branded a Christian tradition and the source of baby dumping in the country.
  • Conglomerates that house grubby political paws get a tap on the knuckles whilst bottom-of-the-ladder pawns get thrown into jail just so justice can be seen to have been served even though we all know it isn't true.
  • The only viable Opposition (PKR) and its leader Anwar is always wasting time battling claims of sexual misconduct.
  • The Court actually handed down an open verdict on the Teoh Beng Hock MURDER which basically means he didn't commit suicide and it wasn't homicide. Wonderful.
  • Our Malaysian Anti Corruption Committee is a farce.
  • Altantuya shall await the real murderer in the afterlife (no harem of virgins for the murderer then).
  • Our national car is still buffered by ridiculous APs and the windows still don't work.
  • Our education system is in shambles thanks to the abovementioned DPM.
  • 14-year olds are married off to 40-year olds and that is not enough to send politicians into an indignant fight for the weak?
  • The impending consequences of the Bakun Dam fiasco has propelled hundreds if not thousands away from Sibu and the surrounding area; so much for creating "city status."
  • We buy second hand submarines for astronomical prices and prove to the world that Malaysians can't count.
Yes, I would say Malaysia is extremely safe. So safe that both the Opposition and the Government are against postal voting because it means the floodgates are opened to the "other" side to play dirty tactics. I will be calling the Election Commission tomorrow about my registration which was never registered. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that. And after that. And after that...

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