Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did you see...?

Our Home Minister has had a golden month. First came the dancing around his personal Bible bonfire and then up jumped that sex tape scandal which sounds more boring than reading an Excel chart. It is only those excitable by the perverse, revealing more of their corrupt minds and rotten intentions, who harp on this issue like dogs going after pieces of fresh meat. Does that analogy ring any bells?

I wonder how many jihad points our keris-welding representative will get for stamping his designation all over the Bible. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Rubbing it into our faces only remind and enforce us of reasons why this government and their puppet-stringed, straw-brained cronies must go.

By the way, was I the only one who noticed that he could barely contain his delight when he said the Bukit Aman police would "get to the bottom" of the sex tape scandal? Beaming is the word. Glowing. Like a hormone fuelled teenager who just got told he would be having 99 virgins tend to him for all eternity, eyes all glazed over and dilated, cheeks bursting with pent up laughter. As it is with the Head and Deputy of Sarawak, and much like most other Malaysian politicians, "getting to the bottom" of another side-tracking delay tactic inevitably means it will be put at the bottom of "Things to do after Armageddon."

I may not like Anwar Ibrahim and I tread with caution around perpetually spotted leopards. The great irony is that whilst Anwar has done nothing to swing my vote in his favour, the government has done plenty to convince me that I do not want my country run by coloured bottomed baboons.

Maybe that is why they have failed to process my voting application which was submitted LAST YEAR. (enter expletive)

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