Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There is a reason why I'm wary of supposed prophesying. Be it a foretelling or forthtelling, the weight of human influence and observation may too often appear the catalyst for verbal garble instead of divine instruction. A lethal combination of psychological glitches, mass hysteria (or the lemming effect as I call it) and hypnotism are sufficient markers to denote that the human psyche isn't the best foundation, medium or mode upon and through which to build or conduct "purely objective" interpretation of any given subject or as prophesy may have it, theocentric messages.

Call me cynical if you must; there are worse things to be. (permalink)

To bring Tennyson, Luther and Calvin together, even if it looks like my faith had fallen asleep and I hear a voice 'believe no more' and it appears to the eyes of others that I have tumbled in the Godless deep, I defy them for whatever I face, like a child in doubt and fear, it is mine to struggle and God's alone to judge, that blind clamour made me wise, and even were I as a child that cries, I realize I am struggling for a reason, and wouldn't I a thousand times a child crying, knows his Father near than live in blissful ignorance in His wrath.

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