Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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I suppose we really should applaude the bullsh bullishness of the Malaysian ego. On one hand, heck it's good to stand up to em guns-blazing superpowers, eh? But on the other hand, the Malaysian Government's finger-pointing, mud-slinging, floor-gazing, "He dunnit" is reaching its saturation point. I agree with Mallot that we are a patient lot and that the reality copying Transformers fiction "Battle in Egypt; Rise of the Fallen" will probably not happen in Malaysia. We're a bit more kiasu and would prefer it if our window-jammed Protons were left unscratched by Rais' 2 cents. Unfortunately being sarcastic or caustic or throwing barbed comments at intended 'victims' won't be of much use as the inhabitants of Putrajaya are probably thicker than a ...  ... ... I was going to say "doorknob" but that might undermine the colossal mass I intend to emphasise. Malaysian politicians are much like Pinocchio; they lie, are block headed and believe in the blue fairy. Laughing might help persuade them that we think they're idiots but given previous observations of duller-than-wood characteristics and delusional stalwartness, I think they would sooner soak in the cesspool of their achievements than stand on the sidelines to appreciate the miracle of Victoria falls.

Writer Umar Mukhtar is eloquent and if he would let me dig his brains I'm sure mine would be enhanced and enriched but the following excerpt is something I can't agree with.

"When a “Mandarin speakers only” requirement is stated in job advertisements, even for jobs which do not conceivably require much language skills, that surely is equivalent to saying “Chinese only”. But you will be hard put to find any Chinese who would admit that the practice is racially discriminatory."

With all due respect, as a Chinese, I wouldn't go looking for a job that requires "Mandarin speakers only." My Indian friend who speaks fluent mando however, would. Neither would I sue for discrimination if I failed to get a job at Sin Chew Jit Poh. That's an American trait. Oh sorry, I meant North American. No I meant, genderless, raceless, non and undenominational, bland, uninteresting, extreme, homogenous, characterless, intolerant, intolerable, Cultural Marxists. URGH!!!

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