Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poster girl

She's pretty in pink or purple or green
Doesn't so much walk, as much as she springs
The whole world's good, she's got God in a twirl
I bet she is some poster girl

She's sensational and two-dimensional
Spaced out and intolerable
*Gutted* that she's not in my world
She's your regular, Barbie, poster girl

There is just no chemistry
Fat chance with biology
Her voice makes my fingers curl
Can't stand that airhead poster girl


Lynn said...

hey Debbie, looking fwd to seeing you in July.

Is this post about candy coated christianity?

Debibo said...

1) yup july it is.

2) how did you guess?

3) it started out as a play on different usage of rhyme eg matching "green" with "spring" instead of another word ending with "-een" then i decided to personify it.

so brief explanation:-
candy coated religion (or christianity) pretends that everything is ok and dandy, even god is 'spinning around' ala kylie minogue song.

but you look closely and there's no depth (only 2 dimensions) even tho it's great to look at (sensational). then from a high school guy's point of view, i'm "upset" this seemingly amazing person is not in my gang/ clique/ group/ etc but the inverted commas are explained in the next line; it's just candy coated christianity, i'm not losing out on anything.

so there's no chemistry with this type of religion, there's not gonna be anything deeper, what appeared to start out great is now irritating because the "truth" of candy coated religion is starting to show itself.

not bad eh? think taylor swift can put lyrics to it? :)))

Ewok said...

Interesting concept. I know someone like that! No depth to their faith. And is "popular". Except that I wouldn't be upset if he wasn't in my "gang". LOL.