Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kiss the Rain (no, NOT the Korean singer)

I like the unstoppable momentum of water. How it slows even the fastest things down in its route to earth and merges as a destructible force held back only by heaven-bound tension. Victoria Falls in its native tongue, goes by the name Mosi-o-Tunya which means the "Smoke that Thunders." Immediately the mind is brought to biblical narratives where God often booms through clouds or smoke. Whilst before, when I read bits about God talking through smoke I thought of choked-up, red eyes stinging over a barbecue pit or Mushu (see Mulan) doing his shadow-puppet impressions, now I wonder whether I should interpret it in light of a Carybdis of drowning endlessness with Death and Life on every side. Despair and Hope. Wretchedness and Holiness. Judgment and Redemption pulling in equal parts threatening to separate matter from matter and mind from thought. That the overwhelming Chaos be contained by Absolutes is too much for our feeble minds to imagine let alone comprehend. The closest literary equivalent that springs to mind would be A Descent into the Maelstrom created by Poe.

I like the rain....

Even if I nearly drove into the drain today because my car wipers decided not to function as I turned into Deshon road. Thank goodness for humour in the worst situations.

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