Sunday, February 13, 2011

Into the Fyr

If I didn't see it before, I definitely see it now; the I(ntrovert) in me is screaming louder than the E(xtrovert). Either that or being a "socialite" just requires more practice. Sleeping, catching up with Angie and watching rounds of Cebu Prisoners dance to Michael Jackson (definite must see) on You Tube were more or less the highlights of the week. Having my car rammed by a shopping trolley which in turned banged into a pillar of the Spring because some lazy idiot, lacking civic mindedness and brains, couldn't be bothered to leave it in a more considerate place, poled second lowest with a considerable amount of ranting thrown in. Which leaves the top spot in scathing glory.

The _[insert race]_ have a long way to go in combatting sexual repression. No, I'm not going to elaborate further except to say to certain egocentric factions that although this may come as a surprise to you, there actually are people in this world who appreciate what's in your head rather than what's in your pants. Really. Egad!

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Lynn said...

I'm reading Brian's book about introverts now. So far the take home message is, Outties don't think things through as much as Innies.