Thursday, February 17, 2011


Me: what dance does a cow do?

Tyng: mooooon walk

Me: hahahahahahahahaha YES
Tyng: thank you thank you. i finally got one right

Me: hahahah. remember the transformers ones? or the moses ones?

Tyng: you have a lot lar. all your lame jokes. can join my sis

Me: haha. what do foochow cows eat at chinese new year?

Tyng: what?

Me: mooooo sua

Tyng: hahahaa

Me: what do japanese cows eat with macha? moooooochii

Tyng: hahahaha. mooochiii. me likey

Me: who is the real lion king? moooooofasa. what turns ppl into cows? mooooooonlight

Tyng: are you on a roll?

Me: what do yuppy cows really want? mooooolah.

Tyng: hahaha mooolah! yes yes

Me: what do you call a lawyer cow? moooooter

Tyng: are you getting this from somewhere i don't know?

Me: my brain. my wunnerful expanding creative psychotic brain. i'll end with this one. what do you call cows who can't walk down stairs?
Tyng: don't know

Me: normal

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