Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Edited:- I mean hypersensitive. And yes, Fi, I was thinking of hypoallergenic tape.

Jewellery is personal and personally, I'm not a big fan of metal. Metal tends to rust, leaving orange stains or dusty fragments on new clothes. Woe betide if you happen to wear lace. One catch in a metal clasp and you can kiss your garment goodbye. metal also has this "squeaky" "scrapy" feeling to it... or maybe I'm just hyposensitive hypersensitive. Having said that, I own a couple of metal based jewellery and if anyone can tell me how to restore the gloss without sacrificing the stone, please drop me a line.

My perception of metal may however, soon turn on its head for in my search for "out of this world" jewellery, I recently chanced upon this site:- Wickwire Jewellery. Being the creature of routine that I am, there is obvious hesitance at evolving my wardrobe to suit newly acquired jewellery however, such beautifully crafted pieces as shown below may well change my mind in the near future.

Although it may not be what its creator intended, this piece brought images of Medusa saving the world to mind and the Wicked Witch song, "No good deed goes unpunished." A somewhat defiant beauty.

If the above piece reminded me of the Wicked Witch, this definitely sealed the deal, also bringing to mind "Mirror Mirror," another awesome work by Gregory Maguire in his own interpretation of the Snow White myth.

Don't let my reserve stop you; if you're into jewellery, more can be found at Nancy's Artfire page here.

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