Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diet begone

In an attempt to start the day "well" I've been through the following diet routines:-

When I thought breakfast shoukld be the biggest meal of the day...
1) Full on wantan kampua breakfast with coffee or tea (ocassionally add deep fried kompia bursting with pork)
2) Reduced to wantan brekafast
3) Eliminated excess oil by having wantan soup breakfast

After deciding not to eat out for breakfast too often...

4) 1 slice buttered toast with black tea
5) 1 slice plain toast with black tea
6) 1 piece anzac biscuit with hot lemon water
7) 1 cup hot lemon water
8) 2 spoonfuls of oats with black lemon tea

Considering my weight hasn't altered an iota, I think I should just go back to having my full on kampua wantan breakfast with all the trimmings.

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