Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Countdown list

Let's try forget my obvious epic-wallowing potential and think of good things that have already happened in 2011. This is the year of the nose and no, I do not intend to get a rhinoplasty. Inching my way towards an Epicurian rose hedge begins with Marc Jacobs, double-whammy Lancome and DKNY. Also Molton Brown and Baylis & Harding.

My legal beagle (yes, beagle. like Wonderdog) wings will soon take flight in the East as in the West, "soon" being the operative word open to interpretation and subject to the discretion of the formidable Chief Justice. My papers have been filed. All I can do is wait. Considering this is the last ever petition for admission I will need to make under the Malaysian umbrella, I couldn't help but opt for pink tabs (see pic) as opposed to something more sombre and chic. Don't get me riled by saying how inappropriate it is. Just don't. You're not the one with the matching pink nail polish either.

Where does Jesus fit in with all this? We're talking about it. No, it is not an open conversation.

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Saz_lasung said...

all the best!!!!!! So happy for ya!!